Use Cool Whip As An Easy, Sweeter Alternative For Heavy Cream

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Heavy cream may be just one type of cream, but it's an important one that distinguishes itself with a high-fat composition. Given this defining texture, the versatile, creamy dairy product applies to both sweet and savory recipes. Think scrambled eggs, puddings, or cheesecakes that taste best at their creamiest. For recipes like the latter, you may want to swap out your tried-and-true heavy cream for Cool Whip. The substitute works just as well and brings an additional sweetness, fluffiness, and lightness to the table. When it comes to whipped topping, more is more. Cool Whip is all about lightness, so for every cup of heavy cream, opt for about two cups of Cool Whip.

Cool Whip is less a substitute for heavy cream and more a way to enhance and alter the texture of cream-based recipes. It works so well because it contains light cream and skim milk among other non-dairy ingredients. As its name suggests, heavy cream is fairly heavy, but whipped topping counteracts that texture with airiness without sacrificing creaminess. Unlike the cream, Cool Whip is also sweet and, therefore, works well in desserts. And, it can easily be transformed into frosting once whipped with cream of tartar.

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Swap Heavy Cream For Cool Whip Across Sweet Recipes

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Cool Whip is by far the coolest option for recipes that work best at their creamiest -- hold the heavy cream. Ideal Cool Whip uses include the likes of pies -- banana cream is a great starting option -- and cakes. Remember, the whipped topping contains less fat than heavy cream. That's good news if you like no-bake desserts like chocolate mousse on the lighter, less dense side. For options like mousse, chocolate pudding, and your favorite cakes, Cool Whip not only works well as an ingredient but also tastes great when dolloped on top as a finishing touch.

Of course, if you want the sweetness of Cool Whip but don't have any on hand, you can also make your own by whipping standard heavy cream with powdered sugar and vanilla. That's not to say you should go ahead and add Cool Whip to dishes like pasta sauces, which typically benefit from cream. Rather, if you're looking to swap out heavy cream in savory dishes, pair butter and flour with bone broth or stock, both of which add flavor without the heavy texture of cream. In substituting for heavy cream, no one ingredient is an exact replacement, but if you're strategic with your Cool Whip, you won't even miss the cream.

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