The Constructors Promises A Fresh Twist On City Builder Games


Developer Ancient Forge is making a new twist on city builder games with The Constructors, and by new I mean you’re actually building a city, building by building. It’s a departure from the formula we see in games such as Cities Skylines or the old Sim City games that emphasize big-picture tasks, like management and not ramming the economy into the ground.

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The Constructors goes about as deep as it can go into the minutiae of construction. You’ll manage sites, see your blueprints come to life – and maybe fall apart in front of your eyes, if you planned poorly – and even design details down to the floor plans of individual units.

If you prefer large-scale simulations, you get a bit of that as well. The fate of your construction company is in your hands, and all those individual buildings eventually grow into neighborhoods, commercial districts, and all the usual things you get in cities. The goal is restoring the city to its formy glory – assuming the elements don’t undo all your work, first. Like in Sim City, you’ll face off against forces of nature beyond your control and adapt as best you can.

As if that’s not enough to deal with, you’ll also have to manage the expectations of influential people around the city, some of whom are willing to invest in your efforts, assuming you agree with what they want.

It sounds pretty excellent, and you can expect The Constructors to launch sometime in the second quarter of 2024.

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