Comedian Katherine Ryan Calls Out Taylor Swift With Bold Statement

Katherine Ryan, Taylor Swift

Katherine Ryan was not too happy with Taylor Swift's latest awards show appearance.

At the risk of frustrating fans, the 40-year-old rehashed the nearly two-week-old incident that occurred between Swift and Céline Dion at this year's Grammys.

For those who missed it, the "Cruel Summer" songstress became the center of online controversy after viewers believed she "snubbed" the Canadian singer during her acceptance of the 2024 Album of the Year award. Dion, 55, made a surprise appearance to present Swift, 34, with the award and fans weren't too happy after they alleged she "ignored" the "Queen of Power Ballads" while on stage.

Among those angry by what some would call the brief on-screen "blunder" is the Romantic Getaway star.

"I’m so sorry #swifties - I love #taylorswift as much as anybody but a moment not honouring #celinedion is a moment squandered," she captioned the Monday, Feb. 19, upload before adding a few relevant hashtags, including "#swiftie," "#céline," "#grammys," "#britishcomedy" and "#tellingeverybodyeverything."

"If it's your wedding day, if you are about to bungee jump, if you just won a Grammy, if you just won the Super Bowl - I don't care what's happening..." Ryan said in the video, "You could be giving birth, you go: 'Hold on a sec.' Close your legs together, go: 'Celine Dion, thank you for your presence. What an honor it is to be gazed upon by your brilliant face," she added.

The Canadian-born comedian also joked about the moment being "a young person's mistake."

Though Ryan surely isn't over the infamous overlook, the fans of the duo in question appeared to be, leaving comments like: "This is really unnecessary," "Don’t need to tear one down to love the other. C’mon Kath you’re better than that," and "May you one day win an equivalent award and be granted grace and protection from every detail being [scrutinized] and deconstructed online."

Swift and Dion also seemed to push past the moment rather quickly, posing for a sweet photo together backstage later that same night.

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