College student gives DIY for T-shirt dress to wear to ‘game day with your besties’

From refurbished Altoids tins to maximalist keychain charm necklaces, Gen Z creators seem to have demonstrated their DIY prowess on TikTok time and time again. One creator, however, has garnered particular attention for her easy yet effortless-looking hack that transforms an oversized T-shirt into a fitted strapless minidress.

On Sept. 9, Carley Hedlund (@carleyhed), a student at Michigan State University, posted a video on TikTok advocating for the creation of “tshirt dresses” to wear to “game day with your besties.”

Fellow TikTok users took to Hedlund’s comments to request a tutorial on how she achieved her look — which she delivered three days later.

“So a ton of people asked me how I did the game day T-shirt dress, so I’m gonna show you guys,” she said. “OK, so all you need for this is an oversized T-shirt. I did an XL, some of my friends did XXL, but I’m 5’6″ and this worked for me.”

The first thing to do, explained Hedlund, is to put both arms through the neckhole so the shirtsleeves sit on either side of your torso.

“Now, all you do is take your sleeves, cinch your waist and tie the sleeves into a double knot in the back,” she added. “OK, so now that you’ve tied it and you have your dress, see how it’s really long in the back? You just wanna tuck it under the knot.”

While the backside, said Hedlund, might not look the best, typically your hair or a jacket of sorts will effectively cover it up.

“Once you do it on game day, obviously you’ll take your time and look a lot better,” she said. “So, yeah. Here it is.”

While many TikTokers are grateful for this “brilliant” hack, others can’t help but point out that they’ve seen it before.

“Has no one watched aquamarine,” @sarah_barajas7 asked, referencing the 2006 teen romantic comedy. In the film, actress Sara Paxton’s character transforms a long-sleeve aqua blue T-shirt into a halter dress.

Several TikTok users have given their suggestions in the comments as to how best to conceal the knot in the back. “Use a long sleeve and make a bow in the back,” @brittneysettlage suggested. “Maybe a denim jacket over it to cover the knot,” @boobri69 added.

Cat (@catalackkkk) claimed this DIY was popular between 2009 and 2013. “Lol these were sooo cool 2009-2013 when I was in college. I love they’re back already. So fun,” they wrote in response to Hedlund’s video.

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