Bride's 'coffee stain' wedding dress raises eyebrows

Holly Hales
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A bride's choice of wedding dress has been a divisive one to say the least. Photo: Facebook/that's it i'm wedding shaming

A bride’s unique choice of wedding dress has caused a stir after its design received a very untended comparison.

The floor-length gown was secretly shared by a friend online who concluded the design was dominated by what resembled a ‘giant coffee stain’.

“So she feels beautiful and loves her dress, which is ultimately what matters, however, all I see is what looks like a giant coffee stain on the front,” the poster wrote.

Big reveal

Hallmarked by its halter neck style and otherwise strapless bodice, the dress seems fairly typical until a viewer’s eyes reach waist level.

Here, an otherwise white finish sees the fabric become overtaken by a brown colour change which saw some onlookers compare it to an unintended stain.

But in her own analysis of the look, the bride was more concerned how how she would accessorise on her big day.

“I’m so excited but I’m really torn on accessories and makeup. I was going to go for a bold lip but love the natural look too,” she wrote.

Asking: “What makeup would you do for a fall wedding in this dress?”

The dress' design was dominated by its colour change/that's it I'm wedding shaming. Photo: Facebook/that's it i'm wedding shaming

“It’s an outdoor olive grove wedding and the dress is made from hemp, so everything will be simple and natural.”

And while the bride was confident in her choice of wedding attire, others remained unconvinced.

“It fits her well but the stain makes it look like one huge tampon,” wrote one user.

“Coffee down her front, period down her back who TF thought this was a good idea,” quipped another.

“I don’t understand this at all.”

But while most were unashamedly critical of the look, others came armed with ideas about how the bride-to-be could rectify her divisive look.

“The perfect accompaniment to that dress is to buy a new one,” one woman wrote.

“It could be nice but the front is gross and it does look like she spilled a pot of coffee.”

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