Coffee Mate Expands Line of Offerings to Something Foodies ‘Never Saw Coming’

Coffee mate creamer on grocery store shelves.

Coffee mate is now making creamer for more than just coffee, thanks to its new partnership with Dr Pepper (and, particularly, TikTokers' obsession with one drink).

Earlier this week, the brand introduced a new product to its lineup of creamers: the Dirty Soda Coconut Lime Flavored Creamer, the first creamer flavor specifically made for soft drinks.

As for how it tastes, the "one-of-a-kind beverage combines notes of refreshing coconut and zesty lime flavors for a smooth and velvety finish creating a soda experience unlike any other," according to a press release shared with Parade.

Now, to make the TikTok-famous drink, foodies can forgo hauling a separate creamer, fresh fruit, and flavored syrups from the store just to make the viral recipe. Instead, Coffee mate suggests using just its new creamer and an ice-cold glass of Dr Pepper.

For those who are not on TikTok and are wondering what a Dirty Soda is, the brand explained the viral recipe as similar to a "creamy Shirley Temple."

Coffee mate and Dr. Pepper partner for new Coconut Lime Dirty Soda creamer.<p>Coffee mate</p>
Coffee mate and Dr. Pepper partner for new Coconut Lime Dirty Soda creamer.

Coffee mate

And if you think the combo sounds weird, you'd be one of the few as the hashtag #DirtySoda has amassed more than 170 million views and according to Coffee mate's research, many of its customers also purchase Dr Pepper—calling the collaboration "a match made in Dirty Soda heaven."

Social media users seemed pleasantly surprised by the news, with many commenting on food influencer Candy Hunting's Instagram post that they "need this immediately," "can't wait to try it," and "never expected [a product like] this."

“The modern coffee drinker demands more from their brands – more flavor, more indulgence, and more opportunities to experiment with their favorite coffee products. Coffee mate is embracing exploration for any time of day,” said Nestlé VP of brand marketing for the beverage division and business unit, Leonardo Aizpuru. “We are excited to collaborate with Dr Pepper merging the worlds of coffee creamer and soda, making it easy to make the viral Dirty Soda trend that’s taken the world by storm. We know that Coffee mate fans love Dr Pepper so we’re excited to introduce this iconic partnership as an easy way for our brands to deliver the convenience of flavor and fun at home.”

The Coffee mate Dirty Soda Coconut Lime Flavored Creamer is available at grocery stores nationwide now for a limited time with an MSRP of $3.29 for a 16 fl. oz bottle (prices may vary by retailer).

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