All these clothes are made from plastic bottles

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Meghan Markle has thrust sustainable fashion into the spotlight after rocking a pair of black pumps on a Melbourne beach that were made from recycled plastic bottles fished straight from the ocean.

But while the former actress has decided to raise awareness about the damage being done to the environment through her well thought out clothing choices, the debate around ‘disposable fashion’ has been happening for years.

In fact, there’s heaps of designers who are making stunning shoes, dresses and even swimwear from trashed plastic bottles.

Check out our faves here.

Adorable and sustainable swimwear isn’t just for adults. Cosmo Crew is an ethical brand that gives conscious choices to progressive parents.
The durable fabrics and unique prints give kids style that reflects their personality while giving back to the envorinment.

Made using recycled plastics, the fabric also offers UPF 50+ sun protection. Not bad for something made from rubbish.
Source: Cosmo Crew

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