A 2012 Clip Of Grimes Has Resurfaced Into A TikTok Trend — Plus More Internet Things You Missed This Week

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Who is Duffy? That's the question at the heart of a viral TikTok sound featuring Grimes talking about her "muse" and the "leader of her cult" in 2012.

Okay, her laugh at the beginning is both awkward and adorable.

But now people are using the sound to show off *their* obsessions, like unrequited crushes.

And tyrannical cats.

Over on Instagram, Priyanka Chopra Jonas may have accidentally revealed the newest JoBro girlfriend in a now-deleted story.

A screenshot of an IG story featuring hands cheersing glasses of champagne
@priyankachopra / Via Instagram: @priyankachopra

Now, it might not look like much, but leave it to internet sleuths to figure out exaaaaactly whose hand that is. And it turns out, there were more clues all along!

  @stormibree / Via Instagram: @stormibree
@stormibree / Via Instagram: @stormibree

This one had me fuming...until I realized 🤭.

And last (but certainly not least), we finally have an explanation for why everyone is putting a bow on *everything* lately. Introducing: the coquette aesthetic.

And no, nothing is safe from the coquette trend. NOTHING!

And now, here's a silly little collection of fun things found around the internet.

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BuzzFeed / Kathy Hoang

Make: the *correct* size of iced coffee.

Twitter: @nashira_p7

Watch: the rom-com we didn't know we needed.

Enjoy: some fine art.

Serve: face in front of your crush.

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