Is Your City a Starbucks City or a Dunkin' City?

It all comes down to which coast you're on.

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The writers at Food & Wine are, admittedly, really into coffee. Like many of you, the morning just cannot officially start until we take our first sip of that energy-boosting elixir. And because we know you love coffee as much as we do, we’re on a constant quest to discover new ways to upgrade everyone’s at-home coffee situation. In the past year alone, we’ve done the “tough research” of selecting the best coffee subscriptions, the best coffee and espresso machines (we tested more than 100!), as well as coffee grinders, scales, and mugs that are definitely worth the investment.

However, once we’re actually out of the house, we’re also happy to outsource coffee making to the pros, like those at some of the best coffee shops in America or our local chain shops like Peet’s Coffee, Tim Hortons, Dutch Bros., The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or Caribou Coffee, depending on what part of the country we may be in that day. Two that we can always count on? Starbucks and Dunkin’.

According to new research from the real estate data company Clever, those last two own the biggest share of the $11 billion American coffee market. Of course, Starbucks is the much larger of the two, with a 2021 report noting that there are more than 14,000 Starbucks locations across the nation compared to just over 9,000 Dunkin’ locations. Still, even with a smaller size, Dunkin’ has a fiercely loyal regional fanbase.

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Clever noted in its research that the two megabrands have a real East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry. The researchers analyzed local search interest nationwide and found that the top 5 cities with the most Starbucks fans are Sacramento, California, Los Angeles, Riverside, California, San Diego, and Seattle, Washington.

On the flip side, the top 5 cities with the most Dunkin’ lovers include Providence, Rhode Island, Hartford, Connecticut, Boston, Baltimore, and Chicago.

And maybe this all comes down to where each brand originated. After all, Dunkin’ was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, while Starbucks famously originated in Seattle. But really, no matter which chain you choose, you win, because you get to walk out the door with coffee. Now, all you need is a travel mug to go with it.

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