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Christmas decor hack gives dollar store trees an ‘upgrade’

Christmas tree hack
Christmas tree hack

From DIY spice racks out of $1 picture frames to hole-free hanging solutions, dollar store hacks can be helpful for anyone on a budget.

For anyone in the mood to decorate for the holidays without spending a lot of money, crafter Emma Villaneda (@thecraftedstudioco) has a way to hack $5 Christmas trees from the discount store with a festive upgrade.

With 5.8 million views and counting, Villaneda’s TikTok tutorial on how she transformed a dollar store Christmas tree has garnered the attention of holiday decor fans on the platform. And perhaps the most impressive part? All it takes is a miniature tree and an inexpensive plastic bucket-turned-DIY tree collar.

“I’ve got to share this hack with you,” Villaneda says in the video.

In her post, Villaneda walks viewers through the steps she takes to transform the bucket into a colorful set piece for her 4-ft. artificial tree. Many viewers appreciated the project’s affordable price point.

“Might need to do this with real trees costing hundreds of dollars this year,” observed @marcel87901.

“Awesome looking for a affordable tree without spending $50,” commented @befunwithsam.

How to DIY a collar for an artificial Christmas tree

To make the upgraded dollar store Christmas tree, Villaneda outlines a few simple steps:

  1. Pick up a 4-ft. artificial Christmas tree from Dollar Tree for $5. In her video, she displays both green and silver options.

  2. Buy a large plastic bucket, which can also be from a dollar store.

  3. Cut the handles off the bucket.

  4. Cut a circle out of the bottom of the bucket.

  5. Spray paint the bucket any desired color. (Villaneda chooses gold.)

  6. Once the bucket is dry, flip it upside down, fit the tree through the opening, and reattach the tree’s legs or stand.

In the comments of her video, Villaneda clarified that the tree she purchased came specifically from the Dollar Tree PLUS section, which can be found in some Dollar Tree locations as well as online.

“The Dollar Tree rolled out a new section in most stores awhile ago called the Dollar Tree Plus section, and that is where this tree is from!” Villaneda wrote.

“I sooo made this tonight and I spent $18 only on all of it!” shared @kate51078.

In addition to looking festive, some TikTokers pointed out that the bucket tree collar could serve a practical function for hiding weights. That way, the tree could be used outside on a porch or for keeping unsightly light cords out of the way.

“I need this for my porch! my husband is not going to like it, but who cares? It’s my Christmas! #2023!” wrote @kimberlyragland94.

“Bucket also covers light cords or battery pack,” observed @nicole.x.villeda.

More holiday tree hacks

Many commenters thanked Villaneda for the hack and chimed in with their own hacks for holiday decorating.

“If you get two of them and fluff, one out to one side and one out to the other, & then clip the two together… You will have a very fluffy tree for $2,” wrote @countryluvingal.

Other TikTokers shared how a small tree could add some holiday spirit to other spaces, such as offices, break rooms and even classrooms.

“Thank you for this! started traveling full time in a motorhome and this will be perfect in it!” noted @lisaduchac.

“This is cute. I wasn’t going to do a tree this year since I’m in a wheelchair now, but this could work. It’s small and cute,” added @auburnrose94.

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