Christina Ricci Mourns the Death of Her 'Beautiful Little Best Friend'

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci honored the loss of a beloved family member with a heartbreaking three-part tribute on social media.

Over the weekend, Ricci revealed that one of her dogs, named Karen Carpenter, had unfortunately passed away.

"My beautiful little best friend Karen Carpenter died on Friday. She was a lady and the best little soul I've ever known," Ricci wrote via her Instagram Story on Sunday, Feb. 18. "My best friend for 15 years. So many of you knew her and loved her."

"Apparently all dogs go to heaven. She hated other dogs so I hope she's in the humans-only area. She loved people," the 44-year-old Wednesday actress added alongside a heart emoji. "She was so kind."

In a second slide, Ricci shared a throwback photo of Karen posing with her then-infant Freddie, now 9, and the son of ex James Heerdegen, alongside the caption, "She was Fred's first best friend."

The Yellowjackets star concluded with a sweet selfie of her and her late pup in a third Instagram Story.

Speaking with Parade in 2022 about raw natural pet food, Ricci referred to Karen as her "first baby" and added that she's also a dog mom to two younger pups, Logan and Patrick.

"I wanted to not only keep her alive as long as possible but also really make sure she was comfortable and healthy," Ricci said of her search for the best treat options for her eldest pup. "I looked into the sort of nutritional ways that I can support her better, and I found Stella & Chewy's."

At the time, Ricci also shared that just because Karen was her first doesn't mean she gets special treatment, adding that all three of her dogs enjoy Stella & Chewy's line of products. "The thought, the attention, the care that goes into creating this kind of food for pets really reflects sort of the love, thought and care that we put into not only our interactions with our dogs but how we care for them."

Along with Logan, Patrick and Freddie, Ricci is also the mom of two-year-old daughter Cleopatra, who she shares with husband Mark Hampton.

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