Christina Applegate Has "Gross" Sapovirus After Accidentally Eating Poop

"Someone else's poop went into my mouth and I ate it."

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Christina Applegate has had several health issues lately, with her latest illnesses stemming from COVID-19 exposure and now, a contaminated meal.

The Married... With Children star detailed her latest ordeals on the April 23 episode of her and Jamie-Lynn Sigler's MeSsy podcast, revealing that her health troubles began after she contracted COVID-19 for the first time ever. While the virus can be mild for some, Applegate's symptoms were much more amplified due to her struggle with multiple sclerosis.



"I was so dizzy," she recalled, adding that she dealt with a chest infection and increased heart rate. "I was so sick. I couldn't eat. I couldn't anything."

While dealing with COVID-19, she also took a stool test — which prompted her to vomit because it was "so gross" — and discovered she contracted sapovirus. According to the National Institute of Health, sapovirus causes sporadic outbreaks of acute diarrhea. It typically affects children, but all age groups can experience it.

"It is when you ingest the fecal matter of someone else from your food," the 57-year-old explained. "Someone else's poop went into my mouth and I ate it."



Applegate then got extremely candid, detailing what her sapovirus symptoms were like: "I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning in a pool of sh*t. Didn't know it happened, and having MS at 3 o'clock in the morning and trying to change your sheets, it's not fun."

The actress noted that having sapovirus was like "pissing out of my ass for a few days." She isn't out of the woods yet. "I'm almost going on three weeks of being sick from this, so that's my fun story."

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