Christina Aguilera Went on a Target Run Wearing a Velvet Corset

What, like this isn't what you wear when you're stocking up on essentials?



Your Target runs are about to get a lot more playful. Christina Aguilera's sexual wellness line, Playground, is now available in stores and to celebrate, the songstress went to peruse the shelves at everyone's favorite store (and distraction). For the occasion, she slipped into what anyone would: a Burlesque-inspired corset that included velvet details and bold black boning. Casual!

Aguilera paired the boudoir-appropriate top with a pair of oversized cargo pants, a black baseball cap, matching zip-up hoodie, and white Nike sneakers with gray details. Her signature long, blonde hair was on full display, styled in loose waves, and she carried Target's signature red shopping basket as she posed with her products and a few other daily necessities. Her fiancé, Matthew Rutler, joined her in one snapshot, as did Target's mascot, Bullseye.



In the caption, Aguilera shared a list of her go-tos, writing, "My Target Essentials Shopping List: 1. Polaroid film 🎞️ 2. Lip gloss 🫦 3. Throat drops 🍬 4. Portable speaker 🔊 5. PLAYGROUND LUBE 🩷 Could not be more proud to say that PLAYGROUND is now available at Target! Our clean, safe, award-winning sexual wellness line is making intimacy an easy part of your everyday shopping routine. Down for a Target run, ladies? 🎯"

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Speaking to Adweek, Aguilera explained that one of her goals at Playground, which started with online sales back in June 2022, included making the world of sexual wellness more of a mainstream topic—and entering the hallowed halls of Target is putting her exactly where she wants to be.

“This has been a very comfortable and natural space for me to enter because [sexuality] has been such a big part of my life, my world, my music,” she said. “I’ve experienced firsthand the double standards [put on women]; and I’ve been shamed for being open, for expressing myself sexually and trying to own my body, and for trying to empower other women. People are afraid of that.”

“We wanted to make a product that showed women Playground was a safe space,” Aguilera continued, noting that for more than a century, products like lubricant have "mainly been made and packaged towards men, or for men and ‘their women.'"



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When she's not heading to Target for an impromptu corset-clad photoshoot, Aguilera is back on stage with a brand-new Las Vegas residency, which runs at Voltaire at The Venetian on select weekends from May 31 through August 3. Speaking to Nylon about the show, she revealed that Target isn't the only thing that connects her with her fans: like many people, she's also prone to getting lost in true-crime rabbit holes.

"Sometimes you get caught up in these stories online and realize, 'What the hell am I even watching!?'" she said of getting distracted just like the rest of us. "I sometimes get caught up in true-crime stories."

She also got real about needing some time for herself, saying that she's not immune to anxiety and nervousness, even though she's singing her greatest hits to sold-out crowds.

"You really have to reprogram your mind and find resources to help readjust anxious thoughts and calm yourself," she said. "Peace of mind is everything. But many times it takes a conscious decision to retrain your brain to try and overcome bad habits."

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