Christie Brinkley, 65, rocks bikini in new post about ageing

Christie Brinkley opened up about aging in her latest bikini photo. Photo: Reuters

Christie Brinkley’s recent red-hot bikini photo had fans hailing her as “forever young” – but that’s not completely so, the 65-year-old supermodel says.

Christie resurfaced in another bikini – a navy string top with a white floral print paired with a sheer white cover-up draped over navy high-waist bottoms – on Instagram on Sunday.

Despite her youthful looks in the stunning shot, the mum of three opened up about the realities of ageing in her caption. The famous blonde, it turns out, is going silver.

According to Christie, her “nature’s highlights” are turning silver, which she noticed after skipping an appointment with her colourist over the holidays.

Now, she’s asking fans if she should embrace her natural, more mature look, or stick with the golden blonde colour that’s graced countless magazine covers and Chevy Chase’s fantasies in the National Lampoon films.

So far, most of her followers think she could pull off either look, though many commenters encouraged her to go silver and praised her for getting real about getting older.

“Embrace the silver,” one fan suggested. “Your real beauty is inside and it’s always been and continues to be reflected outwardly.”

“Natural signs of life that you wear super-well,” added another commenter.

Daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook made her stance clear, writing, “Yas silver FOX.”

Silver or gold, fans agreed that Christie remains a “timeless treasure”.

“How in the name of God this gorgeous woman is 65???” read one comment. “She looks younger than a lot of woman half of her age. What an icon she is.”

“I thought you were Sailor at first glance!” added a follower, referencing her 21-year-old model daughter.

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