Chrissie Swan smashes 10km walk in chic cut-out activewear look

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Chrissie Swan wearing a burgundy long-sleeved top and matching leggings while out for a walk. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan.
Chrissie Swan proudly ticked off her to-do list while on a 10km walk. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan.

Chrissie Swan has completed her hefty to-do list and she wants everyone to know about it!

The 48-year-old TV star took to Instagram on Thursday to document her achievements which included doing the grocery shopping and making both dinner and tomorrow's lunches as well as walking an impressive 10kms.

The former I'm A Celebrity... camp mate was grinning from ear to ear as she snapped a smiley selfie while setting off on her daily exercise.

Wearing a MasterChef branded cap and a light pink jumper, Chrissie was prepared for Melbourne's 'windy and cold' weather.


Chrissie Swan wearing a burgundy long-sleeved top and matching leggings while out for a walk. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan.
The Celebrity MasterChef star made sure to rep the Channel 10 show via her cap. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan.

While pounding the pavement, the radio host — who has undergone a fitness transformation of late — uploaded pics of quirky house numbers, graffiti and other things she spotted to her Stories.

With 10kms under her belt, Chrissie stopped to take a full-length selfie in a shop window, showing off her chic activewear by brand-of-the-moment, STAX.

Chrissie was sporting STAX.'s Premium Seamless V5 Long Sleeve Lounge Top in brown, identifiable by its trademark cut-out décolletage design and a matching pair of 3/4 length tights.

She also shared the brand behind her plum-coloured pout, citing Maybelline's SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick on her Instagram Stories.

STAX. Premium Seamless V5 Long Sleeve Lounge in brown, $59.95. Photo: STAX.
STAX. Premium Seamless V5 Long Sleeve Lounge in brown, $59.95. Photo: STAX.

Chrissie's body positive post

Chrissie has openly documented her fitness transformation on social media after quitting alcohol and embracing a healthier lifestyle in early 2021.

In January, she kicked off the new year on a positive note by sharing a stunning snap of herself sitting on the beach in a white swimsuit and sunglasses.

"I posted this yesterday to my stories and I was amazed by how many of you a) wanted to wear a white pair of bathers but haven’t and b) haven’t swum in the ocean for years," she captioned the photo.

"NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO DO BOTH OMG JUST DO IT! Don’t worry about jiggly bits and saggy bits and whatever. Do it - trust me - you’ll feel ALIVE AND BOLD AND INVINCIBLE!"

Chrissie Swan in a white swimsuit on the beach
Chrissie Swan has shared an inspiring beach snap. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

In October 2021, Chrissie revealed on The Project she'd stopped drinking nine months earlier and had been sober ever since.

At the time she said she'd "recommend it" to others after not feeling her best during the first lockdown in Melbourne last year.

She told her co-hosts that alcohol increased her feelings of anxiety in relation to the pandemic and meant she wasn't sleeping properly.

"With the pressures and anxieties and worries and being responsible for kids and their whole life has changed and you're their parent, you feel enormous guilt, though it's all out of your control," she said.

Chrissie Swan in a striped dress
Chrissie has also taken up meditation. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

Since binning the booze, Chrissie said she'd noticed a 'huge difference' in her day-to-day positivity and ability to deal with the pandemic and the ongoing changes of life.

Chrissie has also taken up meditation and long daily walks, writing on Instagram earlier this year: "Learning how to meditate kicked it off for me and I realised after the first 10-minute block that it was the first time in ages I’d stopped and slowed down with my own wellbeing top of mind."

She added: "I don’t put pressure on myself but I walk *somewhere* most days. Sometimes for 20 minutes, sometimes for an hour. Sometimes three little walks, sometimes none!"

With additional reporting by Sarah Carty.

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