Outrage as kids 'dumped' for Chris Hemsworth's TV gatecrash

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A furious father has taken to Facebook after he claims his daughter’s cheerleading team was ‘dumped’ from the Weekend Today schedule to make way for Chris Hemsworth’s appearance.

Yesterday, the Thor actor gatecrashed the weather report on the Channel Nine show, visibly shocking hosts Rebecca Maddern and Richard Wilkins whose mouths dropped as the Hollywood star wandered into the shot.

Chris Hemsworth on Weekend Today
Chris Hemsworth gatecrashed Weekend Today. Photo: Twitter/Weekend Today

However, while the unexpected moment may have thrilled viewers, dad Kev Graham told news.com.au the weather report was meant to have been filmed from the club’s Ballina gym on Sunday but plans were scrapped at the last moment in favour of the Byron Bay star’s cameo.

Due to logistics, the dad claims they were told the film crew wouldn’t make it to the cheerleading gym in time to film on Sunday and were told they would have to reschedule.

“I understand that Chris is the golden ticket for ratings but I think most families that watch Today would have loved watching the athletes show off their sport,” the miffed dad said.

Epic Cheer Allstars Today Show appearance postponed
The Epic Cheer Allstars' appearance on Weekend Today had to be postponed. Photo: Facebook/Epic Cheer Allstars

Kev also took to Facebook on Saturday, writing: “So the TODAY show had organised to broadcast the weather segment from Epic Cheer Allstars gym on Sunday morning, the kids were super excited given they haven't been able to perform all year due to Covid.

“Then this morning they got a better offer from Chris Hemsworth in Byron and dumped the young athletes. Way to go kicking small town sports in the guts. Anyway for all of those I'd excitedly mentioned that the kids would be on the today show don't worry about it, maybe next time.”

People were outraged in the comments section, with one person writing: “That’s no good what a joke”.

“Poor kids would have been so excited,” another person said.

The Epic Cheer Allstars Facebook page was also updated with a big photo of the Today logo alongside the word ‘postponed’.

“Unfortunately the today show have had to postpone. Stay tuned for the reschedule,” the caption read.

Channel Nine has been contacted for comment.

Chris Hemsworth and Lauren Phillips on Weekend Today
Chris read the weather. Photo: Twitter/Weekend Today

On Saturday, Weekend Today hosts Rebecca Maddern and Richard Wilkins couldn’t believe their eyes when Chris Hemsworth popped up on their screens to do the weather report.

“What are you doing?” Chris asked reporter Lauren Phillips, who was just about to launch into the nationwide weather report in Scone NSW.

“I often get teased for not having the best presenting skills or pronunciation, want to help me out?” Lauren replied.

Proving how much of a sport he is, the actor started reading out the weather forecast: “Perth, sunny 19, Geraldton mostly sunny, mostly that means there’s going to be no sun at some point. Karratha 36, heating up slip slop slap!” he said.

Things looked rainy in Melbourne, with Lauren asking Chris to give a shoutout to Victorians in lockdown, with the actor replying: “Hello all my friends in Melbourne. I’m from Melbourne, I’m a Victorian.”


Chris went on to joke that Richard Wilkins was recently in Byron Bay interviewing his brother Luke, but didn’t get on the phone to him.

“You can’t avoid me, mate, I’m everywhere,” Chris said.

Rebecca Maddern couldn’t believe her eyes, saying: “Dickie, you’re the one who usually comes up with the big names on this show, but you have been trumped.

“What about that? Chris Hemsworth. Did that just happen? He just read the weather on Weekend Today. My year made. They said 2020 was bad, no it’s not. I’m a bit hot!”

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