Chris Hemsworth Sends Scathing Message About False Health Reports

Chris Hemsworth

Recently, Chris Hemsworth looked back on how the media misconstrued his statements about his risk of Alzheimer's in 2022, leading to confusing reports that left him 'pissed' off.

For the Disney+ show Limitless, Hemsworth got testing done that revealed he had two copies of the APOE4 gene, meaning he has a predisposition for developing Alzheimer's. The discovery was not a diagnosis at all, but some reports portrayed it this way.

"It really kind of pissed me off because it felt like I had been vulnerable with something personal and shared this," Hemsworth told Vanity Fair before noting he tried to clear up the confusion about his health at the time. "No matter how much I said, ‘This is not a death sentence,’ the story became that I have dementia and I’m reconsidering life and retiring and so on."

Around the time the show came out, Hemsworth decided to take a break from acting, and many people thought that the genetic discovery was the reason behind the choice.

Last June, the Thor actor attempted to clarify exactly why he paused his acting career, stating that his earlier statements were "sort of blown out of proportion."

"I wanted to take off because I've been working for 10 years, and I've got three kids that I want to spend more time with," he explained to Entertainment Tonight.

Any fans concerned about Hemsworth retiring from acting shouldn't worry. The actor is jumping right back into action this year with his role as Dr. Dementus opposite Anya Taylor-Joy as the title character in the Mad Max spinoff Furiosa, set to release in theaters at the end of May.

He will also voice a character in Transformers One, but his move after that is still up in the air. However, Hemsworth shared in his new interview that he has a "wish list" of projects he'd like to work on going forward.

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