Chris Hemsworth thanks wife Elsa Pataky for her ‘forgiveness’

Chris Hemsworth thanks wife Elsa Pataky for her ‘forgiveness’

Chris Hemsworth has expressed immense gratitude for his wife of 13 years, Elsa Pataky.

During an interview with British GQ, the 39-year-old actor spoke candidly about his partner, with whom he shares an 11-year-old daughter, India, and nine-year-old twins, Tristana and Sasha. He described some of the foundations of their relationship as he said that they both have the desire to “have a good time, to laugh, and be involved in new adventures”.

The Thor star also confessed that without his wife, he wouldn’t have the personal or professional success that he currently has.

“Her sacrifice, commitment, work, support, forgiveness – everything that she has given me over the years has been incredible,” he said. “I couldn’t have done any of the things I’ve done without it.”

He noted how his life has moved “so fast,” before recalling a point in marriage where he ultimately felt closer to his wife.

“We were having kids [at] the same time my career was taking off, same time we were getting married, same time we were getting to know each other,” he said. “It feels like we got to know each other halfway through our relationship, five, six years ago. In a beautiful way. Once our kids were out of nappies, things became a bit more manageable.”

Hemsworth continued to explain how he felt like his life was on fast forward when his children were born. He said that after the release of Thor, he was constantly focused on his career, which was a feeling that didn’t stop until “the last couple years”.

“I was going from one film to another, didn’t know if the phone was going to stop ringing,” he said. “I’d spent so many years coming up thinking, Am I going to make it? And once it starts to roll you’re like, I don’t want to get off this train. This could be my one shot.”

He noted that throughout the making of his 2022 series Limitless he realised that he needed to take a step back from acting.

“All of these beautiful moments were rapidly flying past me,” Hemsowrth continued. “It made me just kind of want to wrap that show and get back and see my family. And I did.”

The actor’s comments about his family come a few months after he and his wife made headlines as they shared a prank that they pulled on their twin sons’ birthday. To celebrate his kids’ ninth birthday in March, Hemsworth posted a photo of his family on Instagram, in which Pataky held her son’s head down in a chocolate cake.

Despite the amused looks on Hemsworth’s and his two other children’s faces, the prank sparked mixed reactions from fans. In the comments section, some Instagram users said the stunt was just a bit of harmless fun, while others branded the move as “ridiculous” and “violent”.

The Marvel star and the Spanish actress first met in 2010 and got married that same year. The family of five soon relocated from Los Angeles to Australia, where they are currently living in the southeastern coastal town of Byron Bay in New South Wales.