Choco Taco Fans Can Finally Get What They’ve Been Missing, but Only for 1 Week

Don't sit on this limited-time offering!



When our favorite snack foods disappear forever, it can be mildly traumatic. Whether it's Costco's discontinued food court churros, Pringles's long-gone Wavy Fire Roasted Jalapeño Crisps, or Dairy Queen's elusive Cherry Dipped Cone, the disappointment is real. Eventually, we get over it. It's just snack food, after all.

Two years ago, when Klondike discontinued the Choco Taco—a waffle cone in the shape of a taco shell filled with vanilla ice cream, fudge, and peanuts, topped with a chocolate coating—it was one of those mildly traumatic moments for ice cream lovers.

A few heroes stepped up to fill the void. First, Portland-based ice cream shop Salt & Straw created its version of the treat, calling it the Chocolate Tacolate. Then, earlier this year, Taco Bell teamed up with Salt & Straw to bring the treat to Taco Bell stores, but that was just for a limited time.

Now, Cold Stone Creamery is stepping up to give Choco Taco fans a taste of their favorite discontinued ice cream treat.

Cold Stone Creamery’s Waffle Ice Cream Taco

Starting April 30, "Choco Tuesday," Cold Stone Creamery is bringing back its version of the Choco Taco, the Waffle Ice Cream Taco. Its name may not be as catchy as the original's, but it certainly looks like the Choco Taco fans love.

<p>Cold Stone Creamery/Allrecipes</p>

Cold Stone Creamery/Allrecipes

There's the waffle cone shaped like a taco, filled with sweet cream ice cream, coated with chocolate, and sprinkled with peanuts.

Choco Taco fans shouldn't sit on this one. Cold Stone is offering the Waffle Ice Cream Taco for just six days. After May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), the copycat Choco Taco will disappear from its menu.

If you can't get to Cold Stone Creamery during the promotion, there's no need to be mildly traumatized. You can always be your own hero and make a Choco Taco at home if you're craving the discontinued treat. 

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