Chili's Issues Tempting Offer to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Chili's Grill & Bar sign; Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

This Valentine's Day will be the first Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce spend together, so the holiday calls for a pretty special celebration.

What the two have planned hasn't been publicly revealed–and it may never be–but that still hasn't stopped the social team over at Chili's Grill & Bar from shooting their shot with the celebrity couple.

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, Chili's reposted a statement first shared by Entertainment Tonight, which confirmed that V-Day is certainly on Trav's brain, so the casual dining chain thought, what better way to make planning for their big date night simple and straightforward than by offering to host the duo?

The original post read: "Travis Kelce is planning something 'special' for Taylor Swift as the pair gets ready to spend Valentine's Day together. A source tells ET, 'Travis is focused on Valentine’s Day and wants to do something fun and special for Taylor.'"

"Let us know what time you're coming," the brand wrote before tagging the Kansas City Chiefs tight end in its comment.

While the 34-year-old record-breaking NFL star didn't respond, fans of the nationwide eatery and the couple alike quickly shared their thoughts.

"Finally a brand that moves at the speed of culture," one X (formerly Twitter) user joked.

"Dear Chili’s, your social media team need a raise," another suggested.

"Way to shoot your shot, Chili’s," a third added with a nod to Swift and Kelce's relationship. "It worked for Travis, after all…"

"Imagine pulling up to a Chilli's on a Tuesday night and there sits Taylor and Travis sharing an appetizer.." someone else quipped.

Jokes aside, the marketing strategy appeared to work, as many social media users admitted that they now want to enjoy a visit to their local Chili's.

"If someone took me to chilis for a date and got me chicken tenders w honey mustard n ranch I’d love u forever," one wrote. To which the brand responded, "sounds exactly like the perfect love story."

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"I can confirm I am now on my way to chilis because of this tweet," someone else shared.

Others even publicized a few recommendations, should the couple need some help deciding on menu options.

"Might I recommend the ribs with a side of roasted street corn & loaded mashed potatoes," one wrote.

Another begged for the restaurant to "hook 'em up" with some ribs, "Baby back ribs, baby! Hook that gurl [sic] up!"

"Little known fact, Lover is actually about the Smokehouse Combo," a different X user claimed, referencing the pop superstar's 2019 hit from the album of the same name.

With the clock ticking and the international leg of Swift's Eras tour set to resume shortly before Valentine's Day, it may be difficult for the couple to secure a table for two–but at least, Kelce can rest easy knowing Chili's is always an option.

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