Your Child Is Probably Mad At You If You Made Them Go To Summer Camp — Just Look At These 11 Photos

After trying about five different summer camps as a kid, I eventually struck gold and found a place where I made unforgettable memories with incredible friends. But let's just say it was a journey to get there, and I couldn't have resented my parents more during that trial and error period.

A young kid angrily yelling

If you're a parent who sent their kid to camp — and it wasn't their idea — there's an 80% chance they despised you for it. And these 11 photos are proof:

1."My cousin dropped her daughter off at summer camp a few days ago. This is the first letter she sent home."

"I am going to murder you guys when I get home..."

2."A letter from summer camp."

"I was forced to write this to eat"

3."So I work at an overnight camp, and one of the kids (age 10) was scared, so the director gave them a coloring book. This is what they came back with..."

Scary drawings and a drawing of Dobbie from Harry Potter

4. This kid whose mom gave him a non-negotiable:

Twitter: @emilykmay

5."Secret message from my kid at summer camp!"

"Try to find the seceret message"

6. This kid who held nothing back on his scorecard:

Twitter: @iLeonD

7."I'm stuck in nerd camp."

"Using an online meme generator"

8."Summer camp FTL."

"I miss you and I want to go home now!"

9."My daughter's hysterical letter from summer camp."

"My back is killing me still from the luggage."

10."My nephew wrote home from summer camp."

"I went to shit 28 times in 26 hours"

11.And finally, "My mom found this note I mailed to her from camp when I was a kid."

"I hate it here, camp is horrible"