Chiefs Fan Uses a Football to Paint Jaw-Dropping Portrait of Shirtless Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates after the Kansas City Chiefs score a touchdown during the first half of the AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium on Jan. 21, 2024, in Orchard Park, N.Y.

When Jason Kelce ripped off his shirt and screamed out of a private suite after his brother, Travis Kelce, scored a touchdown at the Chiefs-Bills playoff game, the moment instantly went viral. A Chiefs fan has since painted Jason's display of celebration—using a football as her paintbrush—in a jaw-dropping portrait.

On Jan. 28, Samantha Woj took to TikTok to share her impressive painting of the elder Kelce brother. "Challenge Accepted @Travis Kelce @New Heights," she captioned the post, referencing Travis saying he should have the photo painted on the brothers' podcast, New Heights.

She added, "Jason Kelce I hope you like it 😄 I tried to represent the light that Jason brings to the sport."

In the clip, Woj painted Jason's viral shirtless moment using a football as her paintbrush. "Red Kingdom" by Tech N9ne appropriately played in the background. At the end of the 1-minute video, she revealed an impressive piece of art using white, blue and red paint on a black background.

Check it out for yourself!

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In the comments, TikTok users expressed their awe over the painting, with one person writing, "wow!!! not only did you accept u one upped the challenge by painting it with a football."

Another person commented, "How in the h--- does someone paint with a football?? This is AMAZING!! GREAT WORK!!"

Meanwhile, someone else declared, "If this doesn't go viral. amazing. ALL of it. you are amazing."

Yet another TikTok user commented, "I can't draw a straight line with a pencil and you make amazing art with a FOOTBALL? Wow! ❤️"

Someone else chimed in, "Watching you work gave me chills.. that is so incredibly cool!" while another wrote, "'Hold my brush, I've got this' This is insane talent."

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Previously, Woj was featured on an episode of New Heights after she painted a portrait of Travis and Jason wearing their respective NFL uniforms.

Hopefully, they'll give her another shoutout for her portrait of shirtless Jason!

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