How the Chiefs-Bills Game Inspired New Retirement Plans for Travis and Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce

Sunday's Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills did more than just secure a win for Travis Kelce's team and loads of press coverage for his older brother, "ultimate girl dad" Jason Kelce, as the two NFL stars now appear to be thinking about retirement differently.

During the latest episode of the NFL stars joint podcast, New Heights, released Wednesday, Jan. 24, Jason opened up about the unique experiences he had while tailgating in the "homey" area outside of the Bills stadium, and what led him to go shirtless while in the VIP box overlooking the game.

After discussing the fun "shenanigans" he found himself surrounded by over the weekend and exit plans, an idea came to Travis, who interjected the conversation and suggested a new plan for both of their futures.

"This should be our retirement plan," the 34-year-old joked.

"Just going to tailgates?" Jason questioned.

"Just tailgate every state," Travis replied. "Just to see how it's done."

"Yeah," the 36-year-old Eagles center agreed. "I mean, dude, I'm sure you don't got to talk me into a good time. I'm in on that."

While the two brothers may be on the same page regarding life after their professional football careers, they suggested that Jason's wife, Kylie Kelce, may not be too keen on traveling the country just to tailgate.

"Yeah, well, Kylie, she was at this one," Jason said. "She doesn't have to go to all of them."

The discussion comes about a week after news of Jason's potential retirement was leaked to the media, which he addressed during last week's New Heights taping.

Jason explained to his brother that "didn’t announce what [he] was going to do on purpose, despite what’s been leaked to the media."

The father of three assured fans he’s “not trying to be dramatic and continue to draw this thing out,” by not confirming or denying the rumor, but that when the time does come to “officially announce what’s happening in the future,” he'll do it “in a way that’s definitive and pays a lot of respect to people... that have meant a lot to me and led to the career I have."

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