Chick-fil-A launches new summer sandwich inspired by a menu classic

Chick-fil-A launches new summer menu options  (Getty Images)
Chick-fil-A launches new summer menu options (Getty Images)

Chick-fil-A has kicked off the summer season with hot new menu items.

The fast-food hub, known for its fried chicken, spicy bites, refreshers, and creamy special sauce, will offer its dedicated customers and curious food lovers a new palette of flavors, starting June 10, with a fresh sandwich.

Inspired by their grilled chicken menu staple, the new “Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich” combines sweet, savory, and smoky to emulate the three tastes of summer barbecues. The concoction will include a lemon herb-marinated chicken breast (boneless), pepper jack cheese, lettuce, brown sugar-coated bacon strips with cracks of black pepper, sweet and spicy pickles, and a maple syrup brioche bun (toasted).

“Chick-fil-A’s new Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich balances the delicate flavors of sweet maple syrup combined with a gentle heat and delicious backyard grill flavor,” the restaurant franchise website reads.

Additionally, the food stop plans to relaunch its “Peach Milkshake” alongside the mouth-watering sandwich. This will be the 15th year that Chick-fil-A is adding the frozen drink to their summer menu.

According to Allison Duncan, the menu and packaging director, this new sandwich is exactly what Chick-fil-A customers want.

“We are always looking for ways to make unique twists to our entrée selection and the Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich is a delicious spin on the Chick-fil-A flavors our guests know and love,” Duncan said in the initial press release.

She continued: “It is a delicious blend of sweet, savory and spicy, offering an entirely different flavor profile than any other sandwich we’ve launched. We have several new and exciting offerings in the pipeline and look forward to continuing to surprise our guests with bold, new tastes in the future!”

All Recipes’ food editor Bridget Olson tested the maple pepper chicken sandwich, singing its praises as a must-have item.

In a late May article, Olson wrote: “It sounds simple and unassuming at first, but the subtle flavors of each ingredient work together to create a light yet indulgent sandwich.

“The maple brioche bun is subtle enough to complement the bacon but not enough to feel like you’re eating breakfast.”

Her favorite part? The “spicy bread and butter pickles.”

Ahead of spring, Chick-fil-A launched a cherry berry refresher. Entitled “Blue Skies and Cherry Vibes,” the cool-toned colorful beverage blasts expanded upon the beloved berry flavor the franchise already offers.

Christy Cook has been the senior culinary lead at Chick-fil-A for six years, introducing, testing, and developing a mix of food and drink options.