The "Chicago Rat Hole" Is Chicago's Hottest Tourist Attraction, And People Are Literally Making Pilgrimages To It

Chicago has the Bean.

The Chicago bean (Cloud Gate)
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They've got deep dish pizza.

Deep dish pizza
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And now they have the Rat Hole.

Twitter: @WinslowDumaine

Yes, the Rat Hole is Chicago's latest and greatest tourist attraction.

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I'm not joking, it's really becoming a thing.

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Like, the representative of the 11th district even made a PSA encouraging people to visit.

Twitter: @RepAnnWilliams

For those wondering, neighbors told Fox 32 that it's been there for 20 years, but only recently went viral.

Twitter: @WinslowDumaine

The Hole went viral after Winslow Dumaine posted it on social media.

Twitter: @mattlindner

He is now known as Rat Hole Guy.

Twitter: @WinslowDumaine

People are now making pilgrimages to the Hole.

Twitter: @ElizabetsyLosen

They're bringing offerings.

Twitter: @cloud_etudes

They're treating it like a wishing well.

Twitter: @starcruisercapt

"I made sure to pay my respects to the Chicago Rat Hole today. May it bring me good luck," this person said.

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It's filling up!

Twitter: @Kait_Kelsey

Luckily, the sacred monument is being tended to.

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Admission is currently free, and for those wondering, it's in the Roscoe Village neighborhood.

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One thing is for sure: I need to go there because I'm pretty sure it could cure me.

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