A Chef Tells Us How To Achieve Perfectly Crispy Chicken Wings Every Time

Plate of crispy chicken wings
Plate of crispy chicken wings - Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

Whether you're making a meal to munch on as you watch a sports game or you're in the mood to attempt a dish that will give KFC's secret chicken recipe a run for its money, there's nothing like a tasty batch of chicken wings to do the trick. They're great when you want a hearty, savory snack, but they can also work well as a complete meal if you make enough of them. The only catch is that, if you're going to whip up your favorite chicken wings recipe, to get a truly restaurant-style dish you'll need to master their texture. That means getting wings that aren't just moist inside but also have a crispy exterior.

Stephen Parker, corporate executive chef at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, spoke with the Daily Meal and gave some exclusive insights into how you can achieve that mouthwatering crunch. First, he recommends double-frying them. "The double cook is an important consideration when achieving a crispy texture," he shares.

When you double fry your wings, you help ensure the water in the skin evaporates, leading to a crispier and crunchier wing. Leaving the wings to cool to room temperature in between frying them is important here as it helps produce wings that are well-cooked and moist inside while crunchy outside.

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Additional Tips For Crunchy Chicken Wings

Deep frying chicken wings
Deep frying chicken wings - Gumpanat/Shutterstock

Another trick for cooking chicken wings that Stephen Parker says can help you get well-textured meat is to cook your chicken in batches, rather than all at once. "Batch cooking or cooking wings by a dozen or two at a time can help to keep the cooking process consistent," he explains. That way, you wind up with wings that have the same level of crunchiness. Otherwise, you could have some that are dark or crunchy and others that are more on the mushy side.

Parker also recommends a dry brine and refrigeration. "A dry brine and leaving the wings in a refrigerator overnight uncovered would also be helpful to dry out the skin," he shares. This method leads to chicken skin that has a vibrant golden color and helps lock moisture into your wings, leading to a juicier texture when you bite into them.

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