Cheetos Launches a Brand-New Flavor That's Perfect for Game Day

Get ready to lick your fingers clean.

It's almost the Super Bowl, which means we're in the midst of buffalo wing season. And Cheetos is getting in on the action with a brand-new flavor.

In late January, the brand announced the launch of the all-new Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo flavor, which blends together the two familiar flavors of Cheetos and wings.

"As a culture disruptor, Cheetos has a history of embracing bold flavors and hacking into new snack categories, such as the newest launch of Cheetos Pretzels or fan-favorite Mac 'N Cheese," Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, shared in a statement. "While we know there's no beating out Buffalo wings as a favorite game day staple, Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo proves that being second-best can taste just as good."

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The best part about this release? It's not some limited-time flavor just for game day. Cheetos is adding it to its permanent lineup so we can enjoy it forever.

However, Cheetos is very aware that this new flavor is only second-best to chowing down on actual buffalo wings. And that's OK. To help people get hyped on anything second-best, it partnered with Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud, who happens to be the second overall 2023 NFL Draft pick, to help give away a Super Bowl watch party in Las Vegas, which Cheetos says is the second-best thing to being at the big game in person. 

"Buffalo wings have been the unrivaled MVP of game time meals for fans during football season – but this year, Cheetos is proving that being the second-best Buffalo thing is worthy of celebration," Stroud added in the statement. "I'm excited to help show fans that being the second pick is a badge of honor of its own, especially when you can join me in Las Vegas and watch the Big Game at a one-of-a-kind Super Bowl party."

But the party isn't the brand's only Super Bowl season giveaway. It's also giving fans the chance to win bags of the new flavor, $22,222.22 in cash, and more. All you need to do to enter is follow Cheetos on Instagram and comment with a chicken wing emoji on its specially designated posts now. Then grab about 8-10 bags just for yourself at retailers nationwide right now in preparation for game day, just in case.

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