What is Cheese-pulling? New world record set for highest pull

 (Credit to PinPep)
(Credit to PinPep)

A world record for the highest-ever cheese pull has just been set!

A 4ft-wide nacho was dipped into a bowl of melted cheese and stretched 49ft by a helicopter.

The un-brie-lievable stunt took place at Cheddar Gorge in Somerset and involved more than a month of planning with food boffins, cheese scientists, and social media star Sam Thompson.

A special blend of 120kg of cheddar and mozzarella was poured into a pot which was nestled into a replica mound of nacho chips measuring 16ft x 14ft.

This was heated to the perfect temperature using induction hobs before the chopper lowered the giant nacho into the cheese and stretched it vertically by 49ft.

Cheese pulls have become a viral trend on TikTok, with stretchy clips receiving more than 1.5 billion views to date.

The stunt was organised by Doritos Dippers to mark National Guacamole Day on Saturday 16 September.

 (Credit to PinPep)
(Credit to PinPep)

Doritos also commissioned research of 2,000 adults which found that 27 per cent have tried a cheese pull themselves.

The poll also revealed one in three (33 per cent) Brits feel that soggy nachos are one of the most disappointing food-fails to experience at a party, and one of the nation’s top culinary ‘icks’.

Rob Pothier, senior marketing manager for the tortilla chip creators, said: “This is nacho everyday stunt, this is a Doritos world record to celebrate National Guacamole Day.

“The day may not be celebrated by everyone, but this is our cup final, our Christmas and our New Year rolled into one.

“The cheese pull was an epic display of Doritos taking nachos to the next level. This is as gouda as it gets.”

Other food icks that put Brits off eating include cutlery with dried food stuck to it (32 per cent) and burned pizza (12 per cent).

While 15 per cent feel grossed out when they’re served warm drinks, like beer or wine, that should be cold.

Additionally, the study revealed that 18 per cent would rather see a perfect nacho chip invented than for a home nation to win a football cup final.

Top culinary icks found when eating at other people’s houses:

1. A hair in the food

2. Cutlery with dried food stuck to it

3. Undercooked food in general

4. Dirty glassware

5. Warm drinks that should be cold such as soft drinks, beer or wine

6. When food has been laid out on the table too long and has dried up a bit

7. Very milky tea

8. No cutlery for things that clearly require cutlery

9. Plates which have cracks or chips in

10. Burnt pizza

11. Rubbery scrambled eggs

12. Soggy vegetables

13. Overcooked food in general

14. Dry chicken or other meat

15. Overcooked steak

16. Getting served meat by accident if you do not eat meat

17. Nachos with cold, congealed cheese on top that is no longer warm and stretchy

18. No napkins or paper towel / kitchen roll

19. Paper plates that can’t hold enough food

20. Soggy nachos

21. Sandwiches which fall apart

22. Paper cups for drinks

23. Coffee that was not quite hot enough

24. Being served dairy if you’re a vegan

25. Overdressed salads