Share Your Affordable Hidden Gem City That Makes The Cost Of The Flight Well Worth It

I'm a gal who loves to explore new places, but with the rising cost of travel in past years, I've been a little hesitant to do so. It's hard to avoid the cost of things like plane travel and accommodations, but there are definitely some hidden gem cities that won't break the bank once you actually get there.

airport flight departure board
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So I want to know: Are there any cities you love traveling to that are relatively budget-friendly once you arrive?

Maybe you finally decided to shell out for pricey flights to a city in Southeast Asia, but noticed once you got there that the food was much cheaper than you realized, offsetting the exorbitant flight cost.

someone eating pho in a vietnamese restaurant
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Or maybe you decided to skip that super touristy and expensive city in Europe and opted for a lesser-known one that didn't have you stressed to look at your bank account.

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Maybe you've always wanted to visit the US, but decided that you didn't want to pay New York City prices every day of your trip, so you found another charming city that wouldn't charge you $20 for a drink.

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Or, hey, maybe you're super savvy and were able to visit a city that's traditionally known for being expensive, but found activities, attractions, or restaurants that were cheap or free.

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Whichever city it is that you traveled to that ended up being budget-friendly once you got there, I want to know about it! Comment below where you traveled to and any aspect of your trip that you found to be relatively inexpensive (bonus points if you have the actual prices for any food, accommodations, or flights). You can also fill out this form if you prefer to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!