Celebrity Apprentice's cheeky city editing trick exposed

Most people are aware that with any movie or TV show there is a little editing magic that happens behind the scenes to make things more interesting, more dramatic, or more entertaining.

But Celebrity Apprentice has been using a sneaky trick when cutting together various scenes - that less Sydney city-centric viewers may not even have noticed.

On Tuesday night the contestants were given a dumpling cooking challenge that took place at the Cabra-Vale Diggers Club, which is located in Sydney's south-west in Canley Vale.

The teams were divided into cookers and shoppers, with the shoppers seen heading out on a few occasions to get ingredients and props to use in the challenge.

But if you were looking closely enough, you have may have noticed that somehow the stars went from being in the Liverpool area, to crossing the Anzac Bridge - which is over 30km away.

celebrity apprentice ross and wippa
Ross and Wippa were sent out to the shops on Celebrity Apprentice. Photo: Channel Nine

"The shoppers duck out for any last-minute garnishes for service," the show's voiceover explains, during a scene where Ross Noble and Wippa are sent out for a second time to get extra props for Team Fun-raiser's 'Golden Dumpling Basket'.


The camera then switches to David Genat and Shaynna Blaze, who appear to be driving along Parramatta Road.

Before we then see a black car cross the Anzac Bridge at Pyrmont.

celebrity apprentice david and Shaynna
David and Shaynna were also seen out shopping in Sydney. Photo: Channel Nine
celebrity apprentice anzac bridge scene
The stars were then seen crossing the Anzac Bridge in the city. Photo: Channel Nine

Now, if you were 'ducking' out to the shops, it's unlikely you'd battle 30km of city traffic to get there, but rather choose something more local instead. Which is was clear the contestants did, despite their apparent scenic route.

The show makes a point of showing off the Sydney skyline throughout the episodes, with Lord Sugar's boardroom meetings taking place in the CBD.

Earlier this week, Celebrity Apprentice also aired a shock X-rated moment after the stars took people around Sydney on a bus tour.

Former Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis was in charge of the Bondi stop for Team Momentum, and made sure the guests had an epic day at the beach, with towels laid out for them when they arrived.

At the end of their beach experience, the group decided to capture a drone shot so they could put it into a memory book, but as Martha pointed out later, there was one awkward detail in the photo.

"Don't look too closely at the drone shot," Martha warned.

"There's a tiny little walnut just popping out of the edge of someone's shorts. It's practically invisible to the naked eye."

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