100 Funny July 4th Puns That'll Have You Exploding With Laughter

Independence Day can be a tad serious, and it's important to respect our nation's history while celebrating it. But nothing's wrong with some fun, right? July 4th will be here before we realize, so it's a good idea to get some great puns ready to celebrate the holiday. We’ve got the perfect list of 100 July 4th puns and jokes, which will help you get into the patriotic spirit—all while causing you to start laughing hysterically. 

Whether you're hosting a Fourth of July BBQ or are having an Independence Day picnic in the park, bring along this list of July 4th puns for some fun-filled entertainment. You can share some of these good July 4th puns in person or post one as your Instagram caption.

So if you’re ready to explode with laughter, take a look at these 100 dazzling 4th of July puns. These one-liner jokes will get your family and friends smiling as bright as a firecracker on Independence Day.

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100 4th of July Puns and Jokes

1. Whenever the dogs decide to have a 4th of July reunion, they choose to go for a bone-fire.

2. We went to the bbq party thrown by a family member on the 4th of July. I accidentally met my old school friend and she said, "Fancy meat-ing you here."

3. Since it’s the fourth of July, let's indepen-dance the night away!

4. Battery and firework were arrested and one was charged while the other was lit off.

5. My great grandfather was a soldier and a patriot and in order to treat his wounds and scars, revo-lotion.

6. What is usually red, white, black and blue? Of course, it’s Uncle Sam falling down the stairs.

7. The food we ate on the 4th of July picnic was not that good. The barbecue was bad, but the sausages were the wurst.

8. When we had a school trip to an aviary on Independence Day, we noticed that the ducks were given a certain inalienable right. Turns out, they had a duck-leration of independence.

9. The only bakery I loved at the 4th of July carnival was selling pastries with stars and stripes. Others were just un-pastry-otic.

10. While I was cleaning my house for the afternoon party, I decided to put all my old dolls against the grill. I was just making a barbie-que.

11. Everybody loves to party on the fourth of July. Well, after all, it is America's birthday party. 

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12. Since 1776, America has been sipping on liber-tea.

13. A number of people cracked up the liberty bell so they received a no-bell piece prize.

14. During the 4th of July party for dogs, one dog said to another, "Dear hot dog, you are really so barbie-cute."

15. I placed a small picture of America in a locket this 4th of July. Now, it is truly in-da-pendant.

16. At our family reunion last Sunday, we had fun playing games and joking all night. The liberty bell joke that my aunt made cracked me up.

17. Good morning, classmates! I am America. I was born on July 4th, 1776.

18. Two of my friends were arguing over the position of the flag-bearer in the 4th of July parade. Well, as they say, the whole thing turned out to be pretty pat-riotic.

19. I’m sure the fireworks sales around the 4th of July must be booming.

20. Today, I’m feeling red, white, and blue all over.

21. After the soldiers’ haircut yesterday, they went flying. Turns out, they went to the American Hairforce.

22. The wine was spilled over the fuse at the Carnival on the night of July 4th. It all started with a spark and then… well, you know, it was a huge fire work.

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23. I really wanted to make cupcakes with red, white, and blue frosting for the Independence Day dinner. Sadly, I did not have the liber-tea to do that.

24. My wife always asked me to skip the BBQ party in order to watch the freedom parade with her. Seems like a big missed-steak if you ask me!

25. When the firecrackers heard that they had the freedom to do fireworks, they were relieved.

26. Unfortunately, the fireworks on Mount Rushmore did not light up on the 4th of July. It was deemed to be a monument-al disaster.

27. During my history class, I learned that the Declaration of Independence took place in America's funniest state: Pun-sylvania.

28. Ants also celebrate the 4th of July by gathering for a party near the pen. They call it in the pen dance party.

29. I heard the document of the Declaration of Independence was placed in the museum. So now, they call it the decoration of independence.

30. All of my fingers were injured in the 4th of July fireworks. My closest friends say that they can't count on me anymore.

31. Pre-ramble was included in the first part of the declaration of Independence.



32. Happy Fork of July friends!

33. It was nice meat-ing you!

34. You told me everything would be back to normal by the end of June but July-ed!

35. You’re my Independence bae.

36. Stop hating U.S. 'cause you ain’t U.S.

37. Party in the US of Yay!

38. Casually sipping on my libertea.

39. Please doughnut touch my freedom.

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Funny July 4th Puns

40. What do you think the Statue of Liberty stands for?

It can’t sit down.

41. What does Polly the parrot want for the 4th of July?

A fire cracker.

42. Why does the Liberty Bell look like a dropped Easter egg?

Because they’re both cracked.

43. What did one American flag tell the other?

Nothing. It just waved.

44. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

At the bottom!

45. Is there a 4th of July celebration in England?

Yes, indeed. That's how they make it from third to fifth place.

46. Do you know why fire doesn’t enjoy a day off on the 4th of July but some people do?

Because fire works on the 4th of July.

47. Have you heard about the angry firecracker?

He was so mad that he exploded!

48. What was General Washington's favorite type of tree?

The infantree.

49. Why did the duck utter the word “bang”?

Because she was a firequacker.



50. Who told the most jokes among the colonists?

The Punsylvanians!

51. Why did Paul Revere ride from Boston to Lexington on his horse?

It is simply because the horse was too heavy to carry.

52. On July 5th, what do you eat?

Independence Day-Old-Pizza.

53. What was the firecracker's response to the fuse?

Let's get together and "pop it like it's hot," as the saying goes.

54. In 1772, what protest by a group of dogs occurred?

The Boston Flea Party.

55. Why do you think were the first Americans like ants?

Because they lived in colonies.

56. What do you get when a dinosaur and fireworks collide?

A dino-mite.

57. For what reason did the British soldiers wear red coat?

So that they could hide in the tomatoes.

58. What do you call a cartoonist who is an American revolutionary?

A Yankee Doodler

59. What did the American colonists wear to the Boston Tea Party?


60. What does the firecracker usually eat?


71. What will happen when you cross George Washington with a cattle feeder?

Fodder of our Country.

62. Why is America happy on July 4th?

Because it was granted a divorce from Britain.

63. Which revolutionary war was the craziest?

The Battle of Bonkers Hill.

64. On July 4th, what did the ghost say?

Red, white, and boo!

65. Which flag has the highest rating?

The flag of the United States of America because it has gotten 50 stars.



66. Why is Abraham Lincoln regarded as America's least guilty president?

Because he is in a cent.

67. Why was George Washington known as the army's funniest man?

Because he was de Laugh-ayatte.

68. Why was eagle hunting prohibited in America?

Because it was ill-eagle.

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69. After the Stamp Act was signed, what happened next?

The Americans kicked the British.

70. What is the weight of freedom?

A washing-ton.

71. What do Santa Claus and a flag have in common?

They both hang out at the pole.

72. What is the smartest state in America?

The State of Alabama. It consists of four As and one B.

73. What rock band has four members who never sing and just stand around?

Mount Rushmore.

74. What store did George Washington buy his hatchet from?

He got it from a chopping mall.

75. How do you refer to the combat-trained patriotic zombies?

Marine Corpse.

76. How do you refer to a dog that fights for freedom and serves as a protective symbol?

A revolutionary war-dog.

77.  In what ways does a healthy person resemble the United States of America?

They have both good constitutions.

78. Do you know what the favorite food of Revolutionary War patriots was?

Chicken Catch-a-Tory!

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79. Do you know why no one in America ever knocks?

Because freedom rings.

80. What do you think everyone should eat on the 4th of July?


81. What do you call a duck who betrays his flock?

Beneduck Arnold.

82. What makes a duck different from George Washington?

One has a bill on their face, while the other has their face on a bill.

83. What do you get when a patriot and a small curly-haired dog collide?

A Yankee Poodle.

84. What did one of the firecrackers say to the other?

My pop is bigger than your pop.

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85. Have you heard about the Liberty Bell?

Of course, it cracked me up!

86. What would happen if you crossed Washington's house with a swarm of nasty insects?

Mt. Vermin

87. Which Founding Father is a dog's favorite?

Bone Franklin

88. What was the most popular dance in 1776?


89. What has four legs, a very shiny nose, and has fought for the England?

Rudolph the Redcoat Reindeer!

90. Who loves singing the patriotic song that starts with, "Oh say, can you see?"

An optometrist

91. What is the name of the cat who said, “The British are coming! The British are coming!”?

Paw Revere.

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92. What dessert did Thomas Jefferson enjoy the most?


93. When the visitor left the Statue of Liberty, what did he say?

Keep in torch!

94. What is large, cracked, and transports your luggage?

The Liberty Bellhop!

95. What do you usually call a snowman every 4th of July?

A puddle.

96. Which letter is the coolest every 4th of July?

An Iced T.

97. How do pandas manage to stay cool during Independence Day?

They use bear conditioning

98. What do Americans do over the Fourth of July weekend?

Get stuck in traffic.

99. What is the most popular sporting event on July 4th?

Flag football.

100. How come George Washington couldn’t sleep?

Because he couldn’t lie.

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