Carrie Underwood: “Cutting my hair was a mum move”

Leah Cohen

Carrie Underwood admits that being a new mother has changed her life dramatically, especially her style.

The country singer says she cut her hair because of her son.

Carrie Underwood embraced motherhood and cut her hair. Photo: Getty Images

“Cutting my hair was a mum move,” she said, “I can spend half an hour to blow dry it and have it be super long or I can spend that time playing with my son. I’d much rather do the latter.”

Underwood rocked the fierce new bob at the Grammys last month, which received rave reviews.

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But while we thought she made the move to flow with the new lob trend, she in fact did it because it was easier to handle.

The singer said it was a way of embracing motherhood, a new role she seems to be loving and rocking.