Cardi B Brought a Controversial ‘90s Beauty Trend to the Oscars After Party

Cardi B has become a namesake in beauty and style conversations for her bold makeup and fashion looks on red carpets, music videos and more. Bardi's glam team often drips the star in conversation starters, from cotton candy-dyed wigs to mullets and cobalt blue bow buns. But the "WAP" rapper's latest statement? '90s-style, razor-thin eyebrows. Previously sported on Balenciaga's runway as well as her "Like What" freestyle cover art, she's not taking the controversial look to the red carpet, at none other than Vanity Fair's Oscars Party.

Cardi's key makeup artist, Erika La' Pearl, shared her "skinny brow" technique on Instagram, spilling the tea on how to create the thinned-out style. First, she takes lash glue and brushes it into the eyebrow using a spoolie to ensure that all of the hairs are facing up and laying flat on the face. She then takes an angled eyebrow brush and applies an orange color corrector concealer to shape the brow and make it appear skinnier. On top of the orange concealer, she places another concealer that matches her skin tone and blends it out to clean up the brows. Finally, La' Pearl uses an eyebrow pen to create hair-like strokes to fill in the brow and finishes by using foundation to clean up the top of the brow. Lookin' like a right swipe on Tinder, right?

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