The Canned Tuna We Absolutely Love To Snag At Aldi

bowl of canned tuna
bowl of canned tuna - Amarita/Getty Images

Aldi is a bargain hunter's dream, as the chain store offers grocery staples and more for unbeatable prices. Just consider Aldi's wide selection of canned food, which includes an exclusive store brand of tuna that helps shoppers maximize their grocery budgets. Featured in Daily Meal's top canned foods shoppers should look for at Aldi, the Northern Catch chunk light tuna is a must-buy selection.

According to the Aldi website, a five-ounce can of light tuna packed in water is just $0.99 (keep in mind that prices often vary from location to location). At under a dollar per can, you can easily stock up on this product to ensure you always have wholesome, tasty food in your pantry. Also, consider that canned tuna typically has a shelf life spanning between two to five years. That means you don't have to worry about spoilage when buying multiple cans of Northern Catch. The brand also features chunk light tuna canned in oil, which is a good alternative if you're seeking a more potent flavor.

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Why Aldi Private Label Products Rival Big Brands

Aldi canned tuna up close
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The majority of Aldi products are private label, meaning they're exclusive to the chain. Private label products offer savings to customers, but Aldi shows that they can also match -- and possibly even exceed -- the quality of the brands customers know and love. The grocery chain meticulously selects the products that appear in the store to ensure the satisfaction of shoppers. Just consider the ranking of must-have Aldi snacks, which features goodies like white cheddar puffs and peanut butter-filled pretzels.

Along with the quality and affordability of Aldi tuna, this product also sets high standards per the chain's sustainable seafood policy. Aldi only sources its tuna from suppliers who adhere to particular criteria, such as membership in sustainability organizations and the use of safe catch practices. The chain's efforts appear to have been successful, as Aldi is the only grocery store in the U.S. to receive passing marks from Greenpeace when it comes to tuna procurement (as reported by SeafoodSource). For environmentally minded consumers, the sustainability of products is just as crucial as their quality and cost.

How To Use Northern Catch Tuna In Recipes

tuna melt on cutting board
tuna melt on cutting board - Msphotographic/Getty Images

Thanks to its impressive quality and price, stocking up on Aldi Northern Catch canned tuna is a no-brainer. And because canned tuna is so versatile, you can incorporate it into a multitude of enticing recipes. When it comes to a hearty and satisfying lunch, you can't beat a tuna melt. Additionally, there are many delicious ways to upgrade a tuna melt, such as by adding some sunflower seeds or topping it with bacon. If you're seeking something more nutritious for lunch, canned tuna makes a great accompaniment to a kale rice salad, which can be finished with a sesame soy dressing.

Tuna patties are a classic dinner option, and ingredients like lemon zest add a bit of brightness to the dish. As for pasta preparations, tuna puttanesca is surprisingly upscale for how easy it is to make. This dish also features the perfect touch of heat thanks to the inclusion of crushed red pepper. While there are numerous canned tuna brands out there, Aldi's version hits all the right notes when it comes to price, quality, and sustainability.

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