The Canned Spinach Brand We Avoid At All Costs

open can of spinach
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Kroger takes pride in its private brands, which means shoppers can generally be assured of quality while shaving a few bucks off their grocery bills when purchasing Kroger brand. However, according to Daily Meal's ranking of canned spinach brands, one particular item leaves much to be desired. In our taste test, Kroger Leaf Spinach in a can finished last, thanks to tasting "like absolutely nothing" and having a mushy texture.

Kroger's canned spinach also has some nutritional issues to be aware of. According to the product's label, a 4½-ounce serving of this canned spinach contains 13% of the recommended daily sodium for a 2,000-calorie diet. Additionally, the label cautions that the product may have peanuts or peanut derivatives in it, posing a risk to people with allergies. The Kroger website even recommends other options with higher nutrition ratings, including Kroger's canned leaf spinach with no salt added. Overall, shoppers are probably better off looking elsewhere when stocking up on this staple canned veggie.

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What To Look For In A Good Canned Spinach

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Kroger Leaf Spinach shows what can go wrong with canned spinach, but what characteristics should you look for when buying this product? The Daily Meal taste test illustrates that the best brands offer quality regarding taste and texture. Hy-Vee Leaf Spinach, the top pick in our taste test, had a better taste and texture than Kroger's. In second place was Del Monte Leaf Spinach, which offered a pleasing texture and a taste that wasn't overwhelmingly salty.

In general, canned spinach is usually a good buy if it's similar to fresh spinach that's been steamed. Some brands also leave a bigger impression on the palate by including additional flavorings, such as brown sugar or dried onion and garlic. Added nutrients such as potassium and a higher protein concentration are another bonus. Sodium content can be an issue with many brands, but some types of canned spinach (including Hy-Vee) contain less sodium per serving. Of course, shoppers may not be aware of the quality of a product until it's in their pantries or on their plates, but there are some options in this case.

What To Do With Lackluster Canned Spinach

bowl of spinach artichoke dip
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If you want to forge ahead with the spinach despite quality issues, consider incorporating the product into other recipes. For instance, combining it with artichokes, parmesan cheese, and garlic makes for a tasty dip. Another option is to cook the canned spinach with garlic, onion, and bacon to help overcome the lackluster flavor, or you can love the vegetable by adding it to your green smoothie.

It's also possible to return the offending item if you don't want to use it in recipes. Most products, including Kroger brand canned spinach, are eligible for a refund when returned within 30 days. While it's good to have a receipt, you don't necessarily need one to return items to the store. If you're sans receipt and still want a refund, you'll get cash back (since the product is less than $10). You can also share your thoughts and feelings with the store using one of several methods listed on the website. Customers can virtually chat with a Kroger representative, send an email, or place a phone call. Not all Kroger products are winners, but you have some options should you stumble onto something that doesn't meet your expectations.

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