The Canned Food You Are Sleeping On For Breakfast

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The sentiment that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is repeated so often that it's almost cliche, but that doesn't keep many people from skipping it. Time in the morning can be in short supply, and if the thought of eating overnight oats just one more time makes you want to give up breakfast for good, we have a creative solution to breakfast boredom. That's a can of refried beans, a versatile and healthy option you can use in many ways.

There's so much to love about refried beans for breakfast that they might just be your new go-to. They also take no time at all to heat up, which is another bonus. While there are plenty of canned foods you should eat for breakfast, refried beans might be the best. Love Taco Tuesday? Channel some of that energy into a delicious, creative breakfast, and you might just find yourself getting up early so you don't miss a single morning.

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Are Refried Beans A Healthy Addition To Breakfast?

refried beans with eggs
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There's some ongoing debate about just how necessary breakfast is. While some swear that it helps them get through the morning, others give it a miss. With busy mornings, refried beans are easy to heat up, so they're a quick addition to breakfast. And there's a nutritional bonus here: Some studies have shown that those who skip breakfast also lack some essential nutrients, such as calcium, iron, and other important vitamins. Adding refried beans to your breakfast actually means adding some of those missing nutrients.

Although exact nutritional information will vary by brand, a serving of refried beans can contain as much as 20 percent of your daily recommended iron intake. They also contain zinc, fiber, and magnesium and can include some calcium.

Refried beans are typically made from red, black, or pinto beans, and studies have linked them to promoting heart, gut, and digestive health, stabilizing blood sugars, and preventing things like heart disease and some types of cancers. Not all beans are created equal, though, and if you're keeping an eye on your sodium intake, you want to check labels on cans before stocking up. The American Heart Association recommends getting somewhere between 1,500 and 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, and a single cup of refried beans can contain an average of around 962 milligrams. Once you find the refried beans that are right for you, breakfast will never be the same.

Refried Beans Are A Surprisingly Versatile Breakfast Food

scrambled eggs with refried beans
scrambled eggs with refried beans - Miguelmalo/Getty Images

While you might think of refried beans as being served with nachos and tacos, they're definitely not just a dinner food. They pair with eggs just as well as they do with these dinnertime staples: Use refried beans to jazz up basic scrambled eggs, serve alongside some deliciously spicy huevos rancheros, or top a tostada with a dollop of refried beans, a runny fried egg, some salsa, and cheese. They're also pretty brilliant when wrapped inside an omelet or layered inside a breakfast quesadilla with eggs, cheese, and peppers and served with sour cream or guacamole.

Speaking of guacamole, avocado is another staple breakfast food that goes hand-in-hand with refried beans. Didn't know that your avocado toast is seriously missing some refried beans? It is: You can take this now-famous dish to the next level with this simple addition. Then, finish it off with some salsa and hot sauce, and we'd recommend cheeses like queso fresco.

Refried beans are also excellent when they're plated up alongside bacon. Grab some tortillas and use refried beans, bacon, and eggs for breakfast burritos, or just serve them alongside each other on the plate with fried or poached eggs. With all you can do, you may just find yourself keeping refried beans on hand as a pantry staple.

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