Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s smoking hot cover

Kristine Tarbert

Women everywhere have completely lost it after seeing Justin Trudeau on the cover of Delta Airline’s inflight magazine Sky.

The Canadian Prime Minister is fully – and we mean fully – man spreading while casually sitting backwards on a rickety wooden chair.


Source: Giphy

Whoever was in charge of locking in this gem of a cover idea definitely deserves a pay rise.

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“How did Delta know the only way to get me to read it's inflight magazine is to show me a pic of Justin Trudeau sitting backwards on a chair,” was one Twitter users response.

“So hot,” said another.

Source: Giphy

"Hold on, I thought SMOKIN' was not allowed on any Delta flights," was a response on Twitter that got a lot of applause.

Sadly as you all know Justin Trudeau is a married man – though the top search term on Google is still Justin Trudeau wife – but looking never hurt anybody.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photo: Getty

Hold on while we try to get our hands on our own copy.

And just in case you didn't love him already. Here's a pic of him with Donald Trump.

Justin Trudeau with Donald Trump. Photo: Getty

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