Can you spot the 'dirty' detail in this wedding photo?

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

With the advancement of technology, we can now capture any moment on camera at any time we want.

However, sometimes the moments that are captured aren’t always what they seem.

For one couple at their wedding, the odd placement of someone’s arm created a slightly rude detail in one photo – can you spot it?

Source: Facebook

If you can see what we’re seeing, then you’ll know what we’re referring to.

The image, which was posted on Facebook group ‘That’s it I’m wedding shaming’, caught the attention of many members.

“Hilariously timed pictured,” one person commented on the post, with another labelling it the “best shot ever”.

One mother’s five-year-old child even commented on the photo when seeing it saying it looked like “a dirty butt”. Oh, how honest children can be.

But to be honest, we can see what they mean.

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