Can you spot The Bachelor editing fail?

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It was the premiere episode that had all eyes glued on Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins as he met the 25 very eager women vying for his heart on The Bachelor.

But aside from the cringeworthy moments, awkward introductions and those plunging gowns that miraculously managed to stay up, viewers noticed there was something not quite right when the girls entered the house.

Can you see why Twitter was abuzz when the women entered the house? Photo: Ten

With the contestants sussing each other out at the all-important first cocktail party at the Bachelor mansion, there was one attendee there that didn’t quite fit the buxom bill.

Social media was quick to notice a mystery bearded man mingling amongst the chatting women.

While some viewers joked of a plot twist, it was clear editors had accidentally left in footage of a waiter serving the girls drinks.

It seems Nick wasn’t the only man in the house, with a surprise appearance by a mystery waiter spotted by viewers. Photo: Ten

It’s no secret the drinks flow free and fast at the Bachelor mansion, and it’s finally been revealed how the girls manage to stay so well hydrated during the lengthy parties.

With the bearded man wuickly dubbed “hot background waiter”, we’re sure some viewers had their fingers crossed for another cameo later in the season.

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