Can you guess how old this woman is?

A woman has taken the internet by storm with her incredible body, with people thinking she looks decades younger than she actually is.

Fitness fanatic Jennifer, from North Carolina, whose flirty bikini-clad videos earn her well over $132,000 a year, is actually set to turn 52 this year.

She attributes her youthful looks to keeping well hydrated, weightlifting, walking 10,000-steps-a-day and more recently, water fasting – consuming only H2O for a set period of time.

‘Farm Girl Jen’ who took the internet by storm for her incredibly ripped body is celebrating becoming a glam gran. Photo: Caters

Recently her 24-year-old son, Walker, and his 21-year-old partner Cayla, announced their daughter will be born in September, which will turn Jen into a ‘glam gran.’

She says people cannot believe it as she looks ‘too young’ to be a grandma and believe she must have had children at a very young age.

The star who is famed for her scantily clad light-hearted videos even joked that since starting her own swimwear line, a baby bikini range could now be on the cards.

“This is one of the most important reasons to stay in shape mentally and physically into your later years, gotta be able to be childlike and fun with your grandkids,” Jen said.

“I do like that ‘glam gran’ and it’s funny because the name I chose for her to call me is GG.

“I was thinking more like ‘Grandma with Guns’ meaning biceps or ‘Gangsta Grandma.’

Farm Girl Jen and husband, Jason, known on YouTube as ‘Exoman’, run a small farm and several small businesses alongside their internet fame.

Since starting their channel close to four years ago, their most successful video has a whopping 12 million views, the equivalent of 60 years of viewing time.

“It all started when I was about 48 when my husband suggested that I work out with his tractor weights and pull the tractor with a rope just to show that I could do it,” Jen said.

The couple confess that their videos have caused a stir online ever since inception, with an on-pouring mix of hate and love.

52-year-old fitness fanatic Jennifer, from North Carolina, whose flirty bikini-clad videos earned her well over $132,000 a year, admitted she can’t wait to embrace this new chapter. Photo: Caters

Jen admits she quickly developed a thick skin but was surprised to see such sharp reactions to her ‘having fun’.

“Because I often appear in a bikini, we get a lot of sexual comments from frustrated and or angry people,” she said.

“While the content may appear a little racy to some, there is really nothing sexual about it. We are just promoting playfulness and youthfulness as older adults.

“We don’t even curse and we are really not trying to be very provocative and frankly, as advertising partners with YouTube, this is not permitted.

“We have fun but with some innocence and I am not afraid to walk around in a tiny bikini at my age and be flirty.”

Since the launch of their ‘flirty, sexy’ Banshee Magazine, Jen has been allowed to express herself as one of the oldest bikini models around.

She has also launched an environmentally friendly bikini line made from recycled fishing net.

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