Camilla’s ‘jealous rage’ over Terri Irwin

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It was a fleeting visit to Australia to attend the Commonwealth Games, but it seems Prince Charles and Camilla might remember their trip for all the wrong reasons.

According to a new report, the Duchess of Cornwall was left fuming after her husband met with Australia Zoo conservationist Terri Irwin – and she learnt of the 'instant chemistry' they shared.

Prince Charles met with Terri and her two children, Bindi, 19 and 14-year-old Robert, at Lady Elliot Island in Queensland, with the pair quickly bonding over their mutual love for wildlife, and passion for conservation.

A report claims Camilla was left 'utterly jealous' over Charles' meeting with Terri. Photo: Getty

“Charles and Terri got on like a house on fire when they met – and Camilla didn’t like it one little bit,” a source told New Idea.

Terri couldn't help but excitedly tweet about her royal encounter at the time, gushing how it was an "incredible honour" to meet with Charles.

And insiders say Camilla – who had been attending another event in Brisbane at the time – wasn’t at all pleased.

Prince Charles is known for his lifelong love of conservation, and became the President of protection society WWF-UK in 2011.

Charles and Terri bonded over their mutual love for conservation. Photo: Getty

Meanwhile Terri, who continued to run Australia Zoo following the death of her husband Steve Irwin in 2006, has always been a vocal and passionate conservationist.

Following revelations about the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall's unconventional marriage, which includes them living in separate houses, insiders say Camilla's insecurity could be an indicator of strain within their relationship.

“Camilla is also jealous of how much Terri and Charles had in common,” added the source.

Nature-lover Charles was seen holding a sea turtle during the meeting. Photo: Getty

Charles and Camilla were in Australia to deliver the Queen's message at the opening of the Commonwealth Games. They arrived early, and spent a few days together on a secret holiday with friends, before heading to Queensland for official royal duties.

Camilla didn't stay long after the Games started however, and she flew home to the UK a few days before Charles, who stayed on to visit the Northern Territory and Vanuatu.

This meant that they spent their 13th wedding anniversary on April 9, on opposide sides of the globe.

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