Calum Scott reflects on success after viral Britain's Got Talent audition

He might not have won Britain’s Got Talent in 2015, but Calum Scott’s Golden Buzzer audition singing Dancing On My Own definitely changed his life.

The multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter has since released a number of chart-topping hits, toured all over the world, and will even be performing at the 63rd Logie Awards on the Gold Coast this Sunday.

Calum Scott.
Calum Scott opens up about his new album Bridges, coming to Australia, and how Britain’s Got Talent changed his life. Photo: Supplied

He’s also just dropped his long-awaited sophomore album, Bridges, following the enormous success of his debut project, Only Human.

“I’m just in such a great place,” Calum tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I’ve been writing this for a while and putting my heart and soul into it, and I think this for me was my coming of age album, in a way.

“Crafting a body of work is always a challenge because you want it to be perfect. And for me, I take things very literally and I look at it and go, ‘If this was the last album I ever make, it's got to be the best album I make’.”


While the Where Are You Now hitmaker admits that the process of making and releasing a new album was “terrifying” - adding that his first album was always in his peripheral throughout the writing process - he’s excited for the world to hear his growth as an artist.

“Album two was very much a mirror held against me,” he details. “Like, what is it that I want to say and what is it that I want to kind of go around the world talking about?

“Having all of that come together kind of made me confident in who I am and as a man and as an artist and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I think that it’s sort of bundled together as a really beautiful collection of songs, which just makes me excited to tour and get that out.”


As well as his upcoming appearance at the Logies, where he will perform a medley of songs on TV’s biggest stage, Calum will be coming Down Under in November for the Bridges World Tour.

“I've always had a special place in my heart for Australia because it’s miles and miles away from where I live, and yet my music had already planted the seed there and started growing,” he shares.

He also teases that he’ll be “taking people on a journey” on tour and performing songs from his new album, as well as the hits that shaped his career and changed his life - including Dancing On My Own.

Speaking about his cover of the Robyn track, Calum remarks that he’ll never get bored of the song or drop it from his setlist because it “completely changed” his life.

“It was funny, my BGT audition popped up on my phone the other day, I think somebody put it on TikTok,” he reflects. “I was just watching it again and I just had no idea when I was standing on that stage that it would send my life on this kind of a trajectory.

“I dip into this kind of unlimited pool of inspiration with that song, and every time I sing it I have this weird surreal moment where it'll take me back to when I was sitting on my desk at Human Resources just like, 'Maybe one day I'll get to do something I love’. And now I do because of that song. So it’s just limitless in terms of the joy that I get out of singing that song.”

Calum Scott on Britain's Got Talent.
‘I just had no idea when I was standing on that stage that it would send my life on this kind of a trajectory.’ Photo: BGT

‘It’s a real honour’

Calum adds that one of the wildest parts of his life now is seeing the impact that his version of Dancing On My Own has had on other people around the world.

“I’ll watch some TV shows, whether it's Britain's Got Talent or American Idol or The Voice Australia, and I'll see people singing my song as their audition, and then they get an amazing reaction,” he remarks.

“That’s very hard for me to process because it's such a 360 moment of me just being like, what an honour that somebody's chosen my song to sing. But then I remember being in the exact same position and it's just mad. It’s a real honour, but it is weird.”

Stream Calum Scott’s new album Bridges on all streaming platforms here.

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