Cadbury Thrills Fans by Making a Favorite Treat Available Year-Round: ‘Let’s Go!’

Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate

Many of Cadbury’s American fans were thrilled to learn this weekend that one of the brand’s most popular treats will now be available year-round.

While this particular candy has maintained a constant presence in other countries, it was initially only available in the U.S. around the Easter holiday. Cadbury expanded that holiday availability in recent years to include Halloween and Christmas.

According to food blogger Snackolator, that’s all about to change.

In a Sunday, June 2 Instagram post, Snackolator announced that the candy in question, Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, are already making their way back onto store shelves—even though it is nearly summer.

The tasty chocolate treats are now being stocked in stores, the food blogger said. An updated product image showing a purple bag of the milk chocolate candies featured a small tag at the top that read, “Enjoy all year!” Snackolator added their commentary onto the image with a simple message that read, “(Finally!)” while pointing to the tag with a large black arrow.

If Snackolator’s Instagram comment section was any indication, Cadbury fans were already adding the Mini Eggs to their shopping lists.

“Oh let’s go! Time to get cracking!” one fan wrote as another declared that the candies were the “best” chocolate eggs.

“HECK YES!!!” another fan cheered.

One person praised the Mini Eggs as having “top tier” chocolate in both “flavor and quality.” Another suggested that the chocolate eggs could be “used for cookies” before clarifying, “A swap for M&Ms cookies.”

Some people who saw the post noticed the product image Snackolator shared was for Cadbury’s milk chocolate Mini Eggs and wondered if any other versions will be available for purchase year-round.

“Hoping this will include the dark chocolate ones since they are the superior of the two 🤞🏻,” one Instagram user wrote as another echoed their wish, writing, “I’ll have the dark chocolate version, please.”

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