Butterfinger Just Brought Back a Fan-Fave Collab for Its 100th Birthday

The sweetest way to celebrate 100 years.



If you saw candy bars dropping from the sky with little parachutes attached to them, would you remember that day and the brand behind the stunt? Probably. Believe it or not, that’s just what the owner of Butterfinger hoped to do in the 1920s when he dropped thousands of the newly-created candy bars from chartered planes in cities across the country.

Now, the candy bar with the “crispety, crunchety” peanut butter center covered in chocolate is turning 100, and it’s celebrating the occasion with a marketing campaign that doesn’t quite harken back to that original one, but to one that modern candy bar lovers are more familiar with.

Butterfinger has long had an association with “The Simpsons”. The first commercial with its characters featured Bart Simpson using the catchphrase, “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger.” The catchphrase may not have reached the same pop culture status as taglines like “Where’s the beef?,” or “I’m lovin’ it,” but it certainly became a memorable moment.

Butterfinger still collaborates with “The Simpsons”, and for its 100th anniversary, it’s calling on the animated TV show and its characters once again to get consumers’ attention.

Butterfinger Introduces Special "The Simpsons" 100th Birthday Bar



To celebrate 100 years of Butterfinger, regular-size Butterfinger bars, the 2-piece share pack, and "fun size" bags will feature festive birthday wrappers with some of the most iconic Simpsons characters. The regular bars feature Bart Simpson, Homer is repping the share pack, and the whole Simpsons family is featured on the fun size bags.

You can expect Butterfinger bars with the limited-edition anniversary packaging to start showing up on store shelves in May. You cannot expect the candy bars to drop out of the sky anytime soon—these days, the brand is sticking to more traditional marketing styles.

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