The Butter Is The Whole Reason To Visit Iceland's Michelin-Starred Moss Restaurant

Moss restaurant interior with view
Moss restaurant interior with view - Blue Lagoon Iceland

Set in the volcanic landscape above the Blue Lagoon in Grindavík, Iceland, Moss Restaurant, under the helm of head chef Aggi Sverrisson, has earned its place among the world's coveted Michelin-starred establishments. It's housed within the luxury Retreat Hotel. And while the ethereal scenery and innovative cuisine make this a must-visit destination, one culinary gem steals the spotlight: Moss's extraordinary butter.

The butter recipe was invented when Moss restaurant opened in 2018, and is made from scratch by the chefs. This exceptional ingredient mixes hand-churned butter with homemade Icelandic skyr, an ultra-thick yogurt that's been eaten here for thousands of years. Both the butter and skyr use cream from local dairy farms, ensuring freshness and a deep connection to the region's terroir.

A further distinguishing ingredient in Moss's butter is local sea salt sourced from 2000 meters below ground. This salt carries a unique geothermic character, imparting a subtle brininess that elevates the butter's flavor profile to new heights.

Then, this luxuriously soft and velvety mixture is complemented with dulce seaweed, sourced directly from the fishing town of Grindavík. This Icelandic sea vegetable is the crowning glory of Moss's butter -- the mineral-rich plant imparts a hint of the ocean, a delicate earthiness, and a melody of herbal notes. Each bite is a journey through Iceland's untamed landscapes.

To say the restaurant prides itself on crafting exceptional dishes using locally sourced ingredients is an understatement. But the butter truly stands out as a star in its own right.

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What Sets Moss's Butter Apart?

Moss restaurant butter
Moss restaurant butter - Blue Lagoon Iceland

At Moss, the remarkable white butter is served on a black volcanic rock, alongside specialty breads, such as a potato bread with caraway seeds. Diners at Moss Restaurant sing the butter's praises: One Instagram user claimed, 'This butter changed my life.' It is like a taste of Iceland itself, capturing the essence of the country's unspoiled beauty and traditions in a single pat.Dining at Moss is all about the changing, seasonal, sustainable, local multi-course menu -- either regular or vegan. Courses are small and incredibly beautifully presented, highlighting an ingredient such as Icelandic lamb, langoustine, or sea urchin. Wine is also a big part of the experience, with bottles stored in an underground cellar that has been carved out of the volcanic rock.

When you dine at Moss Restaurant, it's not just a meal, it's a culinary journey through Iceland's landscapes and rich traditions. At the heart of this experience is the extraordinary butter that epitomizes Moss's dedication to excellence in every bite. So, if you find yourself in the land of fire and ice, make sure to book into Moss, where extraordinary butter reigns supreme.

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