Burger King's 'Fake Burger' Is Becoming Real in Japan—and U.S. Fans Want a Bite

Burger King sign

One fast food chain’s suspected April Fools’ Day prank has become a reality, much to the delight of many fans.

Burger King’s Fake Burger, which the chain said would have an April 1 release in Japan, was initially thought by many fans to be a joke. However, customers have learned the sandwich really is available for purchase at participating Burger King locations in Japan.

As several food lovers pointed out, the Fake Burger doesn’t contain any burger. Instead, the sandwich is packed with French fries, barbecue sauce and two slices of gouda cheese on either end of its sliced bun. The meal is estimated to be worth about $2.50, according to an Instagram announcement from food blogger Snackolator.

Despite the speculation surrounding its April 1 release, an earlier iteration of the Fake Burger was available at Burger King locations in Japan once before. According to Japan Today, the fast food chain released a temporary Fake Burger menu item in the fall of 2020. That first Fake Burger comprised solely of French fries and a meat sauce spread across a bun, Brand Eating reported.

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As many people on Reddit and Instagram pointed out, the original and updated versions of the Fake Burger are similar to the chip butty, a favored type of sandwich in the U.K.

Several fans in the U.S. seemed jealous that the Fake Burger was only added to Burger King menus in Japan.

“Why are all the cool things always outside the US???” one Instagram user wanted to know.

“I wish this was real in the US as someone who doesn’t eat meat,” one fan said. Another agreed that they “want that in the US.”

“Welp, I'm going to Japan,” one fan declared as another bemoaned, “honestly Japan gets everything good.”

“That's so dumb I'll take 14,” another person joked.

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