Burger King Has a New First-Of-Its-Kind Sandwich, and I Tried It First

The 70th anniversary celebrations just keep coming.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

It’s been a busy spring for Burger King. The chain is in the midst of celebrating its 70th birthday, and back in March, added two fiery chicken items and a birthday cake pie. It appears the party has only just begun, though, because Burger King is currently testing the Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Melt, its first-ever Royal Melt featuring chicken instead of Whopper Jr. patties, in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Plus, while supplies last, all BK locations are selling another new Royal Melt, the Philly Melt, and Mozzarella Fries.

Burger King's New Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken and Royal Philly Melts

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

The Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Melt sandwiches a crispy chicken filet, bacon, Buffalo ranch sauce, and melted Swiss between toasted bread, while the Philly Melt features two Whopper Jr. patties, grilled peppers, and onions, melted Swiss and Royal Sauce.

If these melts look familiar, that’s because you’ve seen a version of them at McDonald’s. This isn’t the first time Burger King has lifted an idea from the Golden Arches—celebrity meals, the BK Oreo Blast, and Chili Cheese Bites are just a few examples. But to be fair, McDonald’s has famously copied Wendy's (and Wendy's copied back) and Chick-fil-A, so it’s the perfect time for Burger King to strike. That’s the marketplace of ideas, baby!

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Since I live in Atlanta, I decided to try the new Royal Melts with a small group. We drove over to my neighborhood Burger King on May 16, the very day the sandwiches were released, to taste and review them.

My Honest Review

My friend Denise and I split the Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Melt while my fiance Kyle ate a Philly Melt. Kyle didn’t give a review beyond “it’s all right,” but he did eat the entire thing, so I’m taking that as a positive sign. Meanwhile, Denise and I both felt that our sandwich was too rich. Its elements—the Buffalo ranch sauce, the toast instead of a bun, the bacon strips, the fried chicken, and the melted Swiss—are good on their own, but this exact combination is too decadent. I think removing one topping (maybe the bacon or cheese, although that would make it a Royal Unmelt) would prevent the sandwich’s tastes from combating one another.

To be completely honest, my favorite part of the experience was the hospitality from Burger King’s staff (for anyone interested, it’s the location at 2304 North Druid Hills Road, right next to Walgreens). Not only did Anthony, the newest member, tell me it was okay to take my time while I was deliberating my order, but he also gave Denise a Coke Zero from the drink dispenser behind the counter because the drink in the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine didn't have enough syrup and tasted weird. The entire staff was courteous and made us feel more than welcome, and truthfully, I may drive there next time I have a fast-food craving just so I can enjoy their company again.

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