Brock Purdy's Net Worth in 2024 and Why It's on the Rise

Brock Purdy

Taken as the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has exceeded all expectations to bring his team to the Super Bowl this year. He was third string behind Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo to start his first season, but when both players were injured he showcased his talent as a deft pocket-passer and decision-maker—and has been winning ever since.

"I've obviously played more games this year compared to last year,” he said, as reported by “So to help this team from the beginning and all the way to the end, to get to where we are now, for me it's a little different.”

As Purdy leads the 49ers to the big game, here’s a look at how the 24-year-old became an NFL quarterback and what sort of net worth he's built from it.

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How did Brock Purdy get his start?

Brock Purdy comes from an athletic family. His dad played college and minor league baseball, his older sister played college softball and his younger brother is quarterback at the University of Nebraska.

Coming from a family like that, it’s no wonder Purdy was a standout long before his college or NFL days. In high school, he took his team to two Arizona state championships (though they lost both games). And during the 2017 season, he threw for 4,410 yards and 57 touchdowns, setting an Arizona Conference 6A record. He also rushed for over 1,000 yards.

Where did Brock Purdy go to college?

Purdy attended college at Iowa State University, where he cemented himself as one of the Cyclones’ best quarterbacks in history and won numerous accolades, including Big 12 Sportsman of the Year in 2022.

What is Brock Purdy's net worth in 2024?

Brock Purdy is early in his career and reports on his net worth vary, ranging from $300,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth, up to $6 million, according to Sportskeeda. Just two years into his career and at only 24 years old, this number is bound to soar soon regardless.

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What is Brock Purdy's salary?

After being drafted, Purdy signed a four-year contract worth up to $3.7 million. A far cry from Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ 10-year, $450 million-plus contract, but at the time no one knew that Purdy would be a Super Bowl-caliber QB.

Purdy’s average yearly salary is about $934,252.

How much was Brock Purdy's signing bonus?

When Purdy joined the San Francisco 49ers, he was paid a signing bonus of $77,008.

Does Brock Purdy have any endorsements?

Although Purdy is still young in his career, his skyrocketing success has already landed him a few endorsements. Both Toyota and Alaska Airlines have inked deals with the San Francisco quarterback.

What will Brock Purdy make in 2024?

In Brock Purdy, the 49ers have the luxury of a championship quarterback with no headline-making paycheck attached. This year he’ll make a base salary of $985,000, per the contract he signed in 2022 when everyone expected him to stay a third-string quarterback.

However, he doesn’t seem too concerned about headline-making money just yet.

"You know, you get wrapped up in getting all the glory and the fame and the status, and I feel like that's a shallow life and that can fade away pretty quickly," Purdy said during the Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night in Las Vegas. "So for me, obviously we’re playing in the Super Bowl. I'm very honored and thankful; I wanna win a championship for this organization, but more than anything, I'm trying to just serve my guys on this team well.”

Purdy will be able to negotiate a new contract in 2025.

What kind of car does Brock Purdy drive?

In an October appearance on the Today show, Purdy revealed that he “still” drives a Toyota Sequoia; an SUV with an MSRP of about $60,000 brand new (though it doesn’t sound like his is brand new).

Purdy’s modest choice of car is not a popular one in the NFL. For example, Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, who will be playing opposite Purdy’s 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, owns at least five luxury vehicles.

How long has Brock Purdy been with the 49ers?

Purdy has been with the 49ers for two seasons, since he was drafted as the very last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. That earned him the title of “Mr. Irrelevant”—yes, that’s a thing, and he even got an award for it.

Although the young quarterback is obviously no longer irrelevant, he doesn’t mind if people continue to use the nickname.

"I'm gonna be honest—I really don't care," Purdy told reporters in Las Vegas. "If it's gonna be 'Mr. Irrelevant' still, great, I love it, but if that's the case, then I'm gonna continue to wear it with pride."

Does Brock Purdy get a bonus for winning the Super Bowl?

In the NFL, performance bonuses are very real and act as additional incentive for players to give it their all. If the San Francisco 49ers take home the win in Super Bowl LVIII, Purdy will receive a bonus of $164,000, according to CBS Sports. If the team loses, however, he still gets $89,000.

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