How to Get the 'Broccoli Haircut'—the 90's-Inspired Short Cut for Curls

This green veggie is really having a moment in beauty right now.

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We’ve seen plenty of hot haircuts named after animals, like the kitty cut or the wolf cut, but those aren't actually the wildest names we've ever seen. This latest trending style is named after a vegetable your parents probably made you eat as a kid (but it's a lot cooler).

Meet the "broccoli haircut" and if you don’t know what that is yet, don’t worry—you will. We spoke to some hairstylists to learn more about this emerging short haircut and how to get it.

What Is the Broccoli Haircut?

The broccoli haircut is a short haircut that incorporates shaggy, uneven layers for a messy style on top, but with tightly buzzed sides.

“It’s a short hairstyle that, yes, mimics a head of broccoli,” says Raph R, Hairstylist at Rob Peetoom Salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “It includes tight fades in various forms and is combined with a bowl cut, resulting in the new trend."

Who Is the Broccoli Haircut Best Suited For?

The broccoli haircut is versatile in many ways as Atlanta-based hairstylist Keka Heron points out. She explains the low-maintenance look that can fit a person of any age. “It is also a style that can complement any face shape or size,” Heron says.

However, this haircut works best with a certain type of hair texture. “Curly hair types benefit most from this type of cut,” says Raph R. “The approach of this haircut is to create uneven lengths on the top, mimicking the florets of broccoli with tight tapered sides.”

Heron agrees that all curl patterns can work for this particular look, but adds that it's best to remember that “it will look different on each one.”

How to Get the Broccoli Haircut and What to Ask Your Hairstylist

When you head to your hairstylist to get this look, you’ll want to ask for “lots of texture and volume,” says Raph R. Also, be sure to bring a photo of the cut so your stylist knows exactly what you want. “It is the best way to get what you’re looking for,” he recommends.

Heron says asking for a pixie cut that can be worn naturally or straight is also key. “You want to stay away from any harsh lines,” she says. “You want the hair to look soft and beautiful, giving a little asymmetrical vibe.”

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Maintaining and Styling the Broccoli Haircut

When looking to maintain and style your new haircut, Raph R says it’s best to use volumnizing products like Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray to “scrunch the hair to enhance a more textured finish" and Davines This is a Volume Boosting Mousse to help add more volume.

“If you have a tighter curl pattern, you may want to use products that give your curls a little stretch like Living Proof Curl Elongator or African Pride Moisture Miracle Flaxseed Oil & Shea Butter Gel N’ Cream, diffuse and then use a hair pick to pull out,” says Heron. “For looser curls, be careful not to use too many heavy products. Finger styling is also a great way to accentuate your curls with this hairstyle.”

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