Britney Spears Has Been Posting About A Mysterious "Project Rose" For Years, And Fans Think They Finally Figured Out Why

For years now, Britney Spears has been posting about something she was doing called "Project Rose."

Rose emojis were always in her social media posts.

Twitter: @britneyspears

But the thing is, Britney never actually explicitly said what this whole "Project Rose" thing was.

her comment about a project rose being a year and 9 days old

Who and what is ROSE?!

britney leaving a comment that says "remember rose?"

Fans thought they figured it out in 2021 when Britney hired lawyer Mathew Rosengart (get it, ROSEngart.) He was the one who helped her terminate the conservatorship.

closeup of Mathew Rosengart after leaving the courtroom
Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images

But now there's a new theory...

woman using a magnifying glass

Fans who have bought copies of her memoir The Woman In Me have noticed something under the book flap...

her book on shelves in the store
Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

It's a rose:

Twitter: @lesbogomez

Some people think her memoir was Project Rose all along.

Twitter: @moonprismpwrbtm

We still don't know for sure, but it definitely doesn't seem too far off.

Twitter: @tmilli888

Either way, the book is great, and y'all better get a copy of it!!!

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